Right after the release of the VIP Version of Afterglow, Project You was in session. Derived from a previous project, Vivid w/ David Strofürgaard, the plot and meaning seemingly describes similarly, more in depth of you. The Deep House project was quickly produced and surprisingly did not need much editing as the sounds used were entirely created by myself. Finally reviving the Deadbäss Electro-House Basslead, the old style I have been creating in the past was back. And I’m trying to keep it but having my trapstyles with me as well, as several projects I’ve been working on recently have been trap-like.


After thinking about several people I wanted in my life, I created this just to metaphorically explain it to them using beats, which again, is experimental like all other projects. In addition, some use of the use of structuring in the song somehow was pretty much like several people talking, but overlapping each other more as an argument like, “Why don’t you like me” or something in particular relation to.


You is one of the shortest project ever created, the shortest being Afterlife, and is already better-structured than four of my other projects. Though, that’s viewed in my perspective. Anyway, the song used my signature “Deadbäss ElectroHouse Basslead,” which has not been used in a very long time since the day I released Vivid, and that’s about six months apart. The VIP Mix of Afterglow doesn’t count as it already was included in the original project anyway.

Hearing About You

The quote as shown above is the VERY quote I’ve used on the person I could not get out of my mind. It was haunting me for days and it just won’t stop. This is where the spooky ambient noise in the song comes from. That very little thing is the haunting ambience of my thoughts.


The art cover was made for pure humour as it almost appears homosexual, creepy, and basically ‘pedophilic.’ Making a parody out of the infamous, yet hilarious Yaranaika Face (which means “Shall we do it?”), the art cover makes almost clear sense, other than it appealing to two guys making the distinctively hilarious face.



The project is practically new since the creation of this post was made literally twelve hours after it was established automatically on October 12th, 2016 at Midnight. So no information is given yet.

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