Are Relationships Harder to Get Into?

I don’t understand what it is about dating, but it’s just difficult.


Here’s why Making new Friends are Important to your Health

A brief explanation why making new friends can be relatively beneficial.

Here’s why I think Gays are Generally Terrible People

This is a compiled list as to why I feel some gay people are horrible.

10 Vehicles Beloved by Millennials & High Schoolers

There comes a time when you are in high school, wishing you had a $60,000 car to show off to your friends. But due to pay rates for high school kids and young adults, budget is limited, which renders a certain vehicle to be obtainable. These are not in any chronological order, but rather just […]

Back to Vlogging

After a five year absence of developing and establishing YouTube vlogs, they will now be rebranded as Dead Nation Studios. Welcome to Satire.

The Pausing Entrance

The reason why music hasn’t evolved & adventures behind.

This is Deadbäss

In response to numerous record labels and distributors throughout the world, a change has been finalized after a long debate and corresponding to fans along the way. Unfortunately, due to several mishaps, the vast majority of the content on the official YouTube channel was wiped out and will relaunch onto the mediums when available. This […]

Behind the Scenes: Loss

Loss, becoming one of the largest releases ever has made a major impact to Deadbäss. A new Deadbäss shall come into our way.

Something Unexpected

This is something you were never expecting to expect out of me.

A Large Controversy

As not much of a shocker anymore, my sexuality has became one of the biggest controversies of my life. The reason being is due to the massive homophobia and oppression taking place in the modern era. I also have ended up finding virtually any topic ever in the existence of this planet seems to shatter […]

The End of Edges

Even though Edges was taken down over seven months ago, most of the assets still existed. However, that is about to change as all of the releases made under the Edges nameplate will be taken down and eventually transferred over the Deadbäss name. More will be posted on it as information is being determined. Project […]

The Nightfall

Several weeks ago, I lost a friend of mine due to complications of a seizure attack. Twas the night of October 26th, when this unfortunate event took place. On a side note, the event took place less than half an hour when I was having a conversation with her via SMS messaging. She was such […]

The Suicidal Bet

Previously, an update was informed about the Remix Five and The Three upcoming releases, indicating the new styles and changes being done to what was previously conducted. Because of time being, the Remix Five are planned to be the flagship to my returning interests in producing music. Though, the fan base is virtually nonexistent, work […]

The Revamp

Surprised to think I’ve been posting a little more lately and changing uo the entire website. The reason why the reconstruction is happening is because I am doing a major facial construction. From my music production to my social links, and then to this site. The Beginning It started to occur after the Hiatus on […]