An Asian-American electronic music producer capable of destroying subwoofers since 2009. Music that isn’t generic or follows the norm, but the feelings from within. Because mainstream becomes a nuisance, so has life, but what isn’t a nuisance and what is life?

Debuting in 2013 as an experiment, music production doesn’t require thousands of dollars, but requires significant artistic skills ranging from keying keys in the correct chords to drawing out a blueprint for a 7,000 sq ft home. Music doesn’t come from whatever gets your energy going, but the energy that flows within you writes itself into synthesizers.


Photography doesn’t have to be the dish served to you in a 3-star restaurant, but it can range from the elegant views to the mere mechanics of any machinery. See more on the official Instagram page, where there is more to come. And remember, your pride doesn’t have to follow medium trends, because be you.