Vivid w/ David Strofürgaard

Vivid with David Strofürgaard was an old project that was never finished, and we’ve decided to revive the name and actually release it to the general public.


Project Vivid defines the glory and potential one another obtains, and nobody is able to understand that. It clearly defines the best one can do, no matter how bizarre or strange they can be. Think of it as Albert Einstein or Leonardo Da Vinci. Most people at their time did not see their potential, until it was almost too late.

Concept of Album Art

The album art cover roughly took an estimated time of two hours. That was only due to the amount of time spent to “vividise” the plant and backdrop to give a more emphasised feel into it. The image was taken on my father’s professional camera for my photography class in my sophomore year, and it turned out much better than we all have expected it to. When David was able to get a good look, he jumped out and said literally,

This is the best picture anyone has ever taken without even trying


Originally. Project Vivid was going to be the third release ever, however, due to Strofürgaard’s messed up schedule, they were unable to do so. It was also originally planned to be a Melodic Electro beat that measures around 145 BPM on a B-Major scale in general.

The “actual” vivid

Project Vivid (as last planned on October 2014) is a Trance beat that measures a typical 140 BPM, which adopts many of other EDM producers’ tastes. It is also the first (for sure this time) to have a demonic vocaloid in the beat. An angelic vocaloid will also be present, although it only repeats “Ya-ya Va-va-va-veed,” which gives it a cheesy yet tasty conversation occurring through the song.


Project Vivid is NOT planned to be sent to Monstercat Media, only since submissions are more than 900% to being declined anyhow (Though my hypothesis is that artists in Monstercat dislike me). It is rather made to be published on Dead Nation Media, which is a self-hosted  record label I have established. No decision was made by Strofürgaard so it is left remained in my hands.

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