Project Relationships is one of my personal favourites, as it merely depicts any form of relationship. Family, loved ones, or even just friends. The project uses Harmor, an advanced-level plug-in offered by FL Studio. The distinct robot lead is the protagonist of the song, along with the famous big-room-like feel to it. It is the loudest song ever created. Predecessors were much more monotone and lower.


Development started to take place around the time period when Project Anonymous was completed. This was also originally planned to be a hybrid project between Afterglow and Anonymous, though due to conflicts with Cameron Tolman, the project was removed from the “Goodnight EP.”

The song relies on the 132 BPM, famously used by myself on most other similar projects such as Conspiracy and Anonymous. It also uses a basskick found in most other Big Room songs published by artists such as Martin Garrix and Adventure Club. However, the actual inspiration was derived from both Stereotronique & Northend and Soulero in their release of Rhusma and Native, respectively.

The project was spent for almost five months.


The project was not surprisingly sent to Monstercat, but was pending for quite some time, and made it only three of the four weeks to become a Monstercat release. The release was rejected due to high hypes and was apparently too close to Rhusma.

The project was in review for 25 days, the second-most of all projects. The most being Gone with 27 days.


The Relationships artwork did not follow the rest of the albums, as it would’ve contributed too closely with the past four predecessors. The album only consisted of a tealish-green backdrop with a basic broken. All below a simple text with the “DB-Umlaut” text, which would eventually become the current logo I have now.

Deadbäss - Relationships
Deadbäss – Relationships


The release is surprisingly not as successful as I have anticipated it to, considering it was pending for twenty-five days and was rejected by Monstercat due to high hypes. Both Stereotronique and Soulero themselves have heard of the project and seemed to like the outcome of it. Many of the audience that I heard of wondered why it was rejected, despite the hypes of it.

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