Modern is the third official release (really, the fourth), the last of the ‘technological’ releases, and the second house release. Modern is the least popular of the triplets but is also considered the most potential to create a possible VIP Remix, which still hasn’t been determined at this time.

Modern is the second release that really didn’t have any meaning to it, but it did actually get one shortly after the release of Cyborg w/ Icemaden. Being a Deep House release, it uses more of a unique technique I have done in the past, but have never actually released. Due to the release, however, population has dropped severely since it appeared to be not-so-good of a release.


Everything’s too Modern.

This became one of the few famous quotes ever derived from one of my releases, others being Afterglow and Memories. The meaning of it is the style and looks of everything nowadays, but merely looking too “futuristic” and “bizarre.” This mainly applies to hybrids you will see on the road.

Otherwise, I am unable to determine a more accurate meaning.

Album Art

This is actually one of my personal favourite album art covers ever created. It has fragments exploded all over and it actually looks more appealing as there’s more colours than most art covers. It represents all three main computer colours (RGB) and it has the modern feel you would probably assume.

Deadbäss - Modern
Deadbäss – Modern

The ideal image derives from polygonal art forms that appear to be more geometrical and triangular. I somehow grew the taste of that form for a while, probably because I’ve looked at one of my favourite artists, Soulero, on his artwork.


With the release, it got nowhere, though, it did become known to current fans at the time, and from there, it did not go anywhere. Especially since after this project, there’s a three months gap. The next to the most popular release ever.

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