Cyborg w/ Icemaden

Cyborg is the second song of the ‘technological’ releases, the others being The Internet and Modern. It is also the second release (technically speaking, the third), the first release as a collaboration, and the first song categorised in the house library, despite it sounds more electronic rather than housy.


Being an experimentalist, it was made to merely mean the essence of technology taking over our lives, making us much lazier, bland, and almost pointless. Come to think, drones and cyborg are practically in existence now, knowing that the Japanese, especially, are producing those dank ass inventions.

Other thing that is included is the sudden urge to become half-human, half-robot. I have no idea why, but most people I have associated with in the past wanted to become a cyborg. I also thought to myself all of these medical researches that are artificial are basically robot parts, just that we don’t consider them to. I mean, do you not realise any type of machinery inside of your body is basically a robot?


Derived from an anime cartoon of an unknown source, a girl is inside of what appears to be a gaming suit gone wrong. She whimpers on the ground, representing a faulty decision she did, and that is what our society will feel in the mean future, at least where things are going.

Deadbäss - Cyborg Ft. Icemaden
Deadbäss – Cyborg Ft. Icemaden


Surprisingly being a popular release, it helped me gain about four subscribers, but then losing all of them because I was lacking releases shortly after. It also did helped me quite a bit on Instagram, as my population overall including the number of likes per photo shot up from about 40-70 to almost 150.

Though, there was no other significant changes after the release.

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