Project Memories is a moviescore project produced in less than four days, in depth with the memories Newbury and I held. Memories holds a terribly emoted beat that symbolically tells the world what was felt inside. And to bring out the emotions with just the beat and absolutely no lyrics redefines the definition of a music producer. After Deadbass splitted back into a single artist, the song was released onto YouTube, already marked as a potential breakthrough in terms of music production.


Originally planned to be used in a game I was developing, the song is extremely similar to the development of Project Ending, which was a discontinued track due to the overlap of the Afterglow [VIP Mix]. Having a trap feeling and the pattern of a future bass beat, it was ironically categorized as an Overgrind release rather than a Future Bass release only because it was argued between being a chill trap and future trap. Reverting back to a previous project, Intelligence feat. Jordan Barrington, it held a chill, yet upbeat feeling.

The vocals I was experiencing with for the past four years were finally put into use. Sadly, I accidentally made it sound like a children’s choir, but it eventually made more sense as it makes a sense of children revealing their memories. Other experiments included the strings and trapbass use. Due to the lack of instruments, the bass is significantly louder than any other project, even more so than Relationships, the most bassy song ever produced.

Art Cover

The art cover derives from the days Newbury and I spent on Summer 2015. Most of them were just printed off and then retaken professionally by myself. The white outline outside of the album art cover represents a photo itself, in which photos hold memories that will never change. After the day I published the official release of Memories onto Instagram as to reveal the album art cover, it immediately received a mass amount of audience, signifying it was a potential release (at least by judging its cover).


The photos were taken by myself as well as Newbury while using my mobile device. The days will never be forgotten.

Defying & Establishment

Never forget the Memories

As cliche as it sounds, that was literally what the project was based on. But it also is based on the past of my life where I’m losing my childhood as I am now a senior in high school (written on Sept 14th, 2015). It is also relatable to almost anyone who has gone through a rough life in their relationship with one another, which the lyrical version, with Mikael, of the release will be available at a later date, though not specified.

The day Memories was uploaded, it sat there like a duck, basically and is not planned to be going anywhere, as expected.


Like the VIP Mix of Afterglow, it severely failed and lowered the notoriety even worse than it already was. However, those who actually were able to give it a hear, all volunteered to write some lyrics down and make a lyrical version of it. Currently, three people have been interested (since the day this project was written).

  • Draven Long
  • Mikael Hiatt
  • Tyler Merrill

I am still debating whether to debut a mix version of this song or not even consider it.

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