Intelligence (Ft. Jordan Barrington)

Colloquially known as the forgotten project, is a spin-off release of Anonymous, referring to the negative reviews the predecessor project received. Intelligence does not only focused on the reviews, however, but what people seem to like and idolise. Jordan Barrington, a cousin of mine, gave me the influence to create the project, as he tends to complain about what other people like, trend, and in general; think.

Intelligence managed to fall into the “Overgrind,” genre (despite it not being an uplifting moviescore-trap release), but didn’t seem to fit in neither the Future Bass nor Trap segments. Barrington has eventually claimed the song to be “speechless,” even though it says that he’s featured in it.


The development of Intelligence was introduced onto Twitter and Facebook about a week after the release of Anonymous when it received various negative reviews, the first song to ever receive negative outcomes, even more so than Daybreak, the most popular release of all time in terms of YouTube views and likes.

The project was spent for nearly two months, as it also overlapped with three other projects; Afterglow, Goodnight, and Relationships. Four discontinued projects were also included; Creativity, Mindset, Solar, and Vikings.

Intelligence first used some trappy-basslines and hihats in which are commonly found in other various trap beats out in the world. However, the usage of them at the time were struggling, probably because neither of us knew how to make a trap beat. Viewing tutorials on how to develop a trap beat made no sense as it was more towards the mainstream segment, which is our last resort.

Art Cover

The art cover is massively different from the last three releases. This one is more greenish red and blue somewhere around the centre and corners. It was intended to not mimic the predecessors. In the back were a bunch of cartoons drawn out by a wallpaper found on the internet, source is nowhere to be found, however.

Deadbäss - Intelligence ft. Jordan Barrington
Deadbäss – Intelligence ft. Jordan Barrington

Monstercat & Aftermath

Like a few predecessors, the project was sent to Monstercat. However, the project was rejected almost immediately for virtually unknown reasons, as the release was never discussed about anywhere outside. I then decided to release the song without making any changes to it and instead it became a fairly popular release, virtually being forgotten.

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