Gone w/ Hijerarche

Gone is the 14th release, and a second attempt to create a Future Bass project, though with one of my cousin, James Kyrannen, who calls himself Hijerarche (Higher-Archie). It is the worst release ever created as of the creation of this blog, with three dislikes (no other having this much as far as I know of). Gone was purposely made for both experimentation and feeling inside of us; being ignored to where we basically don’t exist.

Gone was sent to Monstercat, an electronic label that has significantly rose up in the release of Future Bass, has caused this project to pend for nearly 28 days, which is how long songs take to be submitted and reviewed. However, due to the reject, I am no longer allowed to send anymore releases as I have sent already ten, which is the maximum that can be sent. Since then, no releases have been sent to Monstercat.


The project was created right after the release of Vivid with David Strofürgaard, which took almost two months. Our development and ideas came as we were discussing about how nobody seems to look for people who actually do so much in their lives, especially those who are capable of doing just about everything and more, such as Albert Einstein for example.

The structural idea was inspired by a favourite artist of mine, Grant Bowtie, a 17-year-old future bass/chill trap producer in San Diego, California, United States. His first debut on Monstercat (in which I’m banned from), “Reach,” gave both Kyrannen and I the idea to create what appears now as Gone.

Album Art

Through four phases, I designed the album art cover. The original being a guy in the Netherlands parkhouring through what appeared to be the suburbs of either Amsterdam or The Hague. The second, being a Chinese lady strolling through the horizon, drawn in pure calligraphic lines. However, it didn’t appear correct either, as the words were transcribed to Mandarin Chinese, and was entirely inaccurate. The final product was a concept idea by Kyrannen and was later then transferred from his original art (a piece of scratch paper all crumbled up) onto a flash board.



On the day it was released onto YouTube, immediately flooding of views kicked in. Though, the first four views already received two dislikes, already threatening the song to potentially be a terrible release. If that was to surpass the likes/dislikes ratio, the song would have been removed from all stores including YouTube itself. Remember, all of this is experimental, and if a project does receive much more dislikes than likes, it will indicate to me more work needs to be done.

Several days after we established the release, Kyrannen started to overreact when a third dislike was discovered, which already surpassed the likes/dislikes ratio, which was one like and three dislikes. My suggestion was to release it out onto social links and close friends. Since then, the likes grew rapidly and not a single dislike was found, otherwise.


As mentioned above, it appeared to be the worst release of all time as of the creation of this project. Kyrannen decided to retire for some time and not appear in any releases with me. After the release, no songs were planned to be worked on, as I assumed my music career would end. But I wasn’t so sure.

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