Anonymous was released as a test project, like a few others such as Conspiracy, but was eventually turned into a release due to high amounts of releases in demand. Anonymous was actually the third project to begin work, even before a previous release, Cyborg. It was also originally part of the “Technological Releases,” but didn’t seem to make it on time due to complications with the project itself. It is also the second project worked on with another person.


The development was due to the anonymous trying to stop any potential threats placed upon by the government. And it was made because we as the people ourselves are anonymous. This was only because I thought about being an anonymous, but I was like, “nahh.”

In terms of project time length, it was delayed by nearly seven to eight months because of complications with FL Studio, stating that the file is not readable, similarly what happened to a favourite artist of mine, Laszlo. As a common problem with FL Studio, they were able to fix the bug; the bug was one of my plugins.

Album Art

The artwork, like Daybreak and Afterlife, look extremely similar, as they have a bluish-purple tint. Though, unlike Afterlife, it has an orange tint around the centre of the cover, making it slightly more notable. Another note about the art cover is a suit and tie without its head, but its head being substituted with a question mark, making a significant definition of an anonymous person.

I purposely did not use the famous “Faux Hawk” face just because I feared about copyright issues.

Deadbäss & Ryzun - Anonymous
Deadbäss & Ryzun – Anonymous


The establishment was rather disappointing with the statements made. Reviews of the project (which are no longer anywhere to be found due to the others removing it) states that the project was too bland and didn’t seem to fit in. They were more focused on something more adventurous and more broad. This is what caused the next project to take place, Intelligence (featuring Jordan Barrington).


As said before, the reviews caused the project to get a minor ding, resulting in two dislikes within the first hour of the release. A bit after, some fans stepped in and seemed to like it. Because of the reviews, two next projects were developed.

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