Afterlife is the shortest project I can think of working on. It was also rushed as a mother’s day gift for my mother. It was made mainly because of all the things she has provided me throughout my life so far and has made me become to the person I am today. I am grateful for the things she’s done for me and there’s no way that will change.

Outside of the reason of the project development, the project was made just after Daybreak was completed. Though, that only gave me a short two weeks to work on it. At the same time, Anonymous and Intelligence was in production. With less than two weeks of production, it is currently one of the most popular songs ever released.


From the perspective of the artwork, its form is merely derived from Anonymous, which the artwork was made before Afterlife. Both artworks derive from the Daybreak album, and eventually, the Intelligence album does as well.

Like Daybreak and Anonymous, it has a bluish-purple tint throughout the album art. This is easily confused with, even for myself.

Deadbäss - Afterlife
Deadbäss – Afterlife



Like other releases, production was overlapped with some others, especially Daybreak itself. It is the shortest project worked on; being spent only less than two weeks. The instruments and synthesizers are almost exactly like Daybreak’s, but is more spicy and pitchy, which can result in deafness. The song is also the second-least bassiest, the first being Afterglow (both versions).

Production-wise, the song’s pattern derives and was inspired by Au5 & Fractal’s Dreaming, a personal favourite. The song’s meaning, however, does mean virtually the same thing, just this being more specific and commonly confused with.


With a surprising twist with the least effort taken onto this project, it is currently the second-most popular song in terms of YouTube views, but does have the least sales. Daybreak & Anonymous easily passed Afterlife with about 40 sales and 27 sales, respectively.

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