Project Afterglow was originally part of the Goodnight EP with Cameron Tolman. However, things have gotten rash and the EP Album was discontinued. Luckily for my case, he never actually worked on it yet. So in the end, we never got to make it big from this former EP.


Afterglow is the inspiration of just about every person ever. It ranges from someone who wishes to be a famous celebrity working on a wide variety of movies to simply someone wanting a job at McDonald’s. It’s meaning is largely controversial. When someone finally reaches what they want, they finally proved those wrong. They went through so much obstacles, passed through all of those bull that people give out and eventually making it to the top of the world. Afterglow isn’t just another typical meaning about reaching life goals. It is more than that.


Afterglow is a Future Bass beat, although, it barely subsides onto the Aviated genre, a mix of almost every EDM music.

So far with the media, Afterglow is the most respected beat that was ever developed by me. Despite the fact it has less than 20 views on YouTube (As of 27 October, 2014), Afterglow has almost already accumulated $400+ worth of albums. It is also mentioned by minor music developers that nobody has made anything angelic.

“Afterglow is the meaning of life and more.”
– Jordan Barrington

“Nobody has ever thought of something beautiful. Outstanding. Underrated, yet, the next best thing.”
– Icemaden

“Exceptionally the new music of today”
– Spinnin’ Records

They may seem fake and false. However, no way in hell will I dare publish this to a label. Just a label of my own, which is none.


Originally, Afterglow was sent to Monstercat for signing. However, Monstercat was way quick into rejecting it that I had to upload it onto YouTube twelve hours after. It is one of the few projects with scheduled releases (others being Intelligence Feat. Jordan Barrington and Goodnight) and is expected for sale on 12 December, 2014.

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