Afterglow [VIP Mix]

The Afterglow [VIP Mix] is a remix and partial remake of the previous release, Afterglow. It also marks the date of the first project not being done alone as Deadbäss became a duet. The project was never really meant to be even considered, though due to our constant visit, we kind of thought out to make a song together (at this time, we weren’t even considering to work together). We wrote lyrics, restructured how the song sounds, and eventually redesigned the album art cover.


The development of the VIP Version was basically a last minute decision that we made, and it abruptly caused the Two EP to be discontinued, which was where the song was originally planned to be in. Additional things that the project caused was the cancellation of Project Ending, Solar, and Anonymous [VIP Mix].

Along to the third-to-last day, we ran into issues trying to record the lyrics. Instead, we left it out as that since Newbury decided it was okay to go to a party rather than finish up the song which could have been done, otherwise. However, after its establishment, the project became one of the most popularised in a long time since the ironic release of Indigenous about half a year ago.

Relation to “The End”

Originally, the mix was going to be completely different. But due to some inspiration and ideas given by a few of my friends that are somewhat already more successful, the original remix was completely removed out from our system and decided it was just some add-ons and improvements. The way the entire song is structured gives out a hint of the very last project, The End, which will be available everywhere on June 2nd, 2016, if still failing to become successful. The song is to indicate the end of my high school career, flashing back every moment I have gone through since my Freshman year to graduation. Not only will mine appear, but the entire class of 2016 through various schools (there is more than likely going to be a special edition for my high school).

Artwork & Design

The design of the album art cover was taken on my iPhone 5S. I am not joking, it was actually done on my phone. It was taken on a shoreline of Mirror Lake in Summit County, Utah, several miles south of Evanston, Wyoming. Very little photo editing was needed, really was just the orientation fix. On the art cover, it’s found to be extremely difficult to see, but the “Afterglow” text is flipped and reflected onto the lake to create a more surreal, but realistic view.

To see a close look of the art cover, look below.



Becoming the second-most successful release after Indigenous, Afterglow has signified a new era of the Deadbäss taste. As mentioned earlier, there was hope for lyrics, however, due to numerous complications, we were unable to do so. Due to high rates of views (in less than a week), it slotted number two in the ‘legacy’ category on YouTube. In addition, I noticed the amount of likes were somehow lower than they usually were back in the old days when I established Daybreak, Anonymous, and other songs at the early days.

The Afterglow [VIP Remix] has also been used in several schools across Utah (though cannot be proven sadly), mainly by school’s dance companies and related. Without any permitted use, they feared of getting caught along the way, but since I honestly do not care, they were okay (but never knew about it).


The aftermath of the release was practically contradictory to its meaning and attention. It instead plummeted the amount of YouTube subscribers, Twitter and Instagram followers, and somehow, even Facebook likes. The song instead quickly stopped receiving some notoriety and basically became a dead project like all others due to lack of audience.

So to conclude, the VIP Mix of Afterglow was a major failure project, though not as bad as “Gone,” but then revived the true meaning of only one thing; Deadbäss and people like you.

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