Project Indigenous is mainly a pure concept of those who are native to one area, but is being modernised by another colony. Although in actuality, it is the second song without any particular meaning other than Cyborg. With that being said, it is dedicated to be an attempt to create a Hard Electro & Trance mix.


Already, has it gained some reputation of being a possible hit (which I mean those with actual purchases through iTunes). This was automatically assumed because when I published the album art cover onto Instagram, it almost instantaneously gained roughly 300 likes in less than two minutes. On top, the SoundCloud DEMO received a like about 30 seconds after its establishment, but that generally occurs when I use enough tags to popularise it.


The art cover as already explained on the last paragraph gained a high reputation of likes on Instagram, although, did not gain any attention as my Twitter account screwed up over the weekend.

The album art cover itself took roughly two weeks, explaining the high detail on the paint splatters, motion blurs (all in which were carefully measured), and colour variation. Otherwise, the appearance would be a lot different even if the aspects were slightly different. In other words, it is a hyper-sensitive image.


Project Indigenous is not expected to be released until either the end of December 2014 or January 2015. It will NOT be sent to Monstercat Media to be signed, it will simply be labeled by myself. I honestly do not have anymore interest towards the Monstercat Media, and they accept generally any terrible artist, explaining the release of “Anime Bae” by Sushi Killer, a generic person who basically threw in some synths and beats.

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