This is just the beginning. Take these last moments together. Make it count. ~Deadbäss

Latest Release

Deep House Release
Deadbäss – You
Available November 6th, 2015 on Apple Music, Spotify, and other music distributors.



Alive was previously one of the three releases made under one of my former aliases, Edges. The release alone was large enough to not require any sort of editing. The original project began work on the beginning of February 2016 but did not make any sort of debut until April 2016. Production The project was […]


Concept Loss is a concept project dedicated to a former friend of mine whose ignorance allowed him to render himself to be in the position he is, currently. Granted, was a former neighbor, he’s noticed some major differences in his life now that he’s disconnected himself from reality. However, as months have passed by, more […]


Hearing about You.


Leave it in the Past.

Afterglow [VIP Mix]

When you see me Afterglow.

Gone w/ Hijerarche

I’m so lost. Gone.

Vivid w/ David Strofürgaard

You’re Vivid.


Anime’s best friend.


Sweet Dreams.


When you see me Afterglow.


Project Relationships is one of my personal favourites, as it merely depicts any form of relationship. Family, loved ones, or even just friends. The project uses Harmor, an advanced-level plug-in offered by FL Studio. The distinct robot lead is the protagonist of the song, along with the famous big-room-like feel to it. It is the […]

Intelligence (Ft. Jordan Barrington)

Colloquially known as the forgotten project, is a spin-off release of Anonymous, referring to the negative reviews the predecessor project received. Intelligence does not only focused on the reviews, however, but what people seem to like and idolise. Jordan Barrington, a cousin of mine, gave me the influence to create the project, as he tends to […]


Anonymous was released as a test project, like a few others such as Conspiracy, but was eventually turned into a release due to high amounts of releases in demand. Anonymous was actually the third project to begin work, even before a previous release, Cyborg. It was also originally part of the “Technological Releases,” but didn’t […]


Afterlife is the shortest project I can think of working on. It was also rushed as a mother’s day gift for my mother. It was made mainly because of all the things she has provided me throughout my life so far and has made me become to the person I am today. I am grateful […]


Daybreak is the fourth release and also the most popular release every made (ironic to being Indigenous, receiving about 10,000 sales, yet not accomplishing much video views). It is merely a mimic adventure of a neighbourhood situated in the area I am located in. Purposely having an annoying script, it received the most video views […]


Everything’s too Modern.

Cyborg w/ Icemaden

Technology over Life.

The Internet

Welcome to the Internet.


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