Possibly the smallest Project?

I simply had to ask basically anyone who would even care to read this. But could this be the smallest project to sound at least decent for most with rotted taste in music? That can be answered by simply listening to the demo available on SoundCloud (click here for demo). Also, this image below is … Continue reading Possibly the smallest Project?

Anonymous Feat. Ryzun

As mentioned on Twitter several times, Ryzun and I have been working on project Anonymous since the completion of Conspiracy, which was roughly the end of September 2013. Unfortunately, Ryzun ran into a problem on his laptop and crashed. Luckily, I kept a backup but I got too lazy to finish it up on my … Continue reading Anonymous Feat. Ryzun

Don’t Judge, Just Started

As many of you have noticed the poster pinned in the 1400 hall in Herriman High school, don't judge how the website was made since I just barely developed it around three days ago. Now to introduce, I'm Därårith Røs or Deadbäss,  a short sophomore, soon to be a junior that overdresses himself with the … Continue reading Don’t Judge, Just Started