Prepare for 2018

The musical industry has caused all potential and current artists to lose hope as to who and what they are. Not anymore.


2018 Schedule: Possibly Confirmed?

A possible 2018 schedule has been plotted out. Though, it’s possible releases can change any any given time.

The Revamp

Surprised to think I’ve been posting a little more lately and changing uo the entire website. The reason why the reconstruction is happening is because I am doing a major facial construction. From my music production to my social links, and then to this site. The Beginning It started to occur after the Hiatus on […]

A mature way to respond to fans

This is entirely sarcasm. It’s mainly about two artists that I liked whose attitude towards fans that try to interact with them somehow leads to extremes. Though, it’s as simple as a block on Twitter. Two artists by the name of Mr. FijiWiji and Direct, both artists of the electronic label Monstercat, have blocked me […]