The Pausing Entrance

The reason why music hasn't evolved & adventures behind.

Behind the Scenes: Loss

Loss, becoming one of the largest releases ever has made a major impact to Deadbäss. A new Deadbäss shall come into our way.

Remix Five & The Three

As a sudden hiatus took place in attempt for the name change back in December 29th, 2015, I decided it was not best for what's going on, and that took place at about the end of June 2016. Surprisingly, however, due to the name change, the fanbase remained mostly the same through Deadbäss, but on … Continue reading Remix Five & The Three

Project Indigenous

About Project Indigenous is mainly a pure concept of those who are native to one area, but is being modernised by another colony. Although in actuality, it is the second song without any particular meaning other than Cyborg. With that being said, it is dedicated to be an attempt to create a Hard Electro & … Continue reading Project Indigenous


What is this? Relationships is a completed project I have worked on throughout the summer. The beat is basically about relationships towards a loved one, a really good friend, and family. It's contents are pretty dramatic and general speaks by it's synthesizers and basslines. The project was well-thought and restarted many times, starting right after … Continue reading Relationships

Intelligence Feat. Jordan Barrington

For the past two months, Jordan Barrington (which happens to be my cousin) and I have been working on project Intelligence for only two weeks. Though, since Jordan is being slightly stubborn, it while take a little while to complete the project. This project is mainly made for the intelligence of society today (yea, I … Continue reading Intelligence Feat. Jordan Barrington

Possibly the smallest Project?

I simply had to ask basically anyone who would even care to read this. But could this be the smallest project to sound at least decent for most with rotted taste in music? That can be answered by simply listening to the demo available on SoundCloud (click here for demo). Also, this image below is … Continue reading Possibly the smallest Project?

Anonymous Feat. Ryzun

As mentioned on Twitter several times, Ryzun and I have been working on project Anonymous since the completion of Conspiracy, which was roughly the end of September 2013. Unfortunately, Ryzun ran into a problem on his laptop and crashed. Luckily, I kept a backup but I got too lazy to finish it up on my … Continue reading Anonymous Feat. Ryzun