Are Relationships Harder to Get Into?

We are almost three quarters of the way into 2019 and for many of us, we are now fresh out of high school, becoming responsible adults, and maybe even starting to raise a family. Many young adults who are born in the mid to late 1990’s aspire to achieve the best they can in life, so they straight up dart for it. Many have succeed; others not so much. This article is, once again, based mostly on personal experiences and the current surroundings.

“You shouldn’t really care for a relationship until about 30 years old”

I am not sure who or how the idea came into play, but personally, 30 seems a little too old to even start a relationship, especially those in the LGBTQ+ Community, in which we all know that you’re essentially screwed if you’re still single at that age. From where I am situated, most people typically start dating as early as age 13, and you’d be lucky to find the right one by age 19. In Utah, the average age of marriage seems to lie between 18-22 years old. By age 23, you’re quickly losing some luck, but your peers tell you not to worry about love and worry more of yourself. This is generally true, and I don’t disagree. Only to a small degree, however.

“Expand your options, don’t be picky”

This has got to be one of the most ignorant phrases to be widely overused, and for a large variety of reasons, too. One, we all have different tastes, which of course, clicks differently per person. Two, don’t ever change yourself just to connect with one another. And three, your options are only limited to those you can genuinely feel a connection with. I am sick and tired of people blaming one another for being so picky. They have reasons why they can and will be.

If you plan throwing the “internalized homophobe” card, I will say this straight up right now: please burn yourself in sulfuric acid. You sound just as dumb as the homophobes that preach to burn gays for sinning.

“Maybe you should go straight”

As a homosexual, this is almost just as annoying as “expanding my options.” I already have a reason why I’m gay. You can’t just force someone to go straight, like my own parents try to enforce on me.

Seriously, conversion therapy is still a thing and is largely enforced by some organizations and groups, which I actually don’t understand how they still exist in the time of today. It’s 2019, honestly, get over it. I understand what you’re going through is some brainwashing agenda from some crazy person holding a book shouting inside of an awkwardly shaped building that suspiciously looks like a large syringe with square walls.

The Current State

I’m at the verge of not caring at the slightest with relationships anymore since the hookup culture seems to be much more wildly appreciated, as well as the heterosexuals telling me to wait longer than the length of my childhood and the mere fact that people will ignore or ghost you for something someone else said. It’s absurd, it sucks ass, but it’s reality.

Personally if you do ask me in great detail, I really do believe that the dating pool is much harder than it has ever been before, despite the fact that just about all sexuality types are much safer than they were as recent as last decade. I do understand all of the things that come into play, but it really is difficult in this time period, and it simply is how it’s going to be.

As of July 2019, I decided to step down from the dating world, even though I’ve only started dating since 2016. It’s either too early in my life or I’m just supposed to be single for the rest of my life.

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