Here’s why Making new Friends are Important to your Health

This isn’t some health journal log that you are required to follow by any means. However, there are numerous benefits to making friends with new acquaintances you may encounter throughout your life, whether they’re short term or long term.

In a time where social anxiety appears to be at an all-time high, there really isn’t a better time to connect with individuals than today in the modern generation. And with a great personality and a general decent humane mindset, you should be all set. But for the sake of it, here are some tips and general knowledge that you may need to know about. This is, however, based on personal experience.

Get over your differences

Since President Trump was elected to be the POTUS in 2016, controversy throughout has been spreading at such an alarming rate from both wings and has caused a rather disturbing amounts of division and segregation. In irony, individuals of both political wings have called for equality of some sort, yet, contradict themselves by using hefty and definitive classifications. Quite honestly, no one cares. Politics altogether are what people should avoid being experts on to begin with, and it is no surprise that it plays a major role in depression and stress.

It is the year of 2019, and conflicts between heterosexuals, homosexuals, transsexuals, and everything else in between has been much lower than they have ever been. However, it appears that the LGBT Community still sees themselves as a minority and feel the need to put themselves more than it is necessary. On the contrary, there are some heterosexuals who take their personal beliefs too seriously to the point of intentional harm and/or murder (god forbid). Realistically, both sides need to work on their self-control and when it comes to your in-bed preference, overall they’re really not that much different at all.

For many years now, internet memes have evolved over time and has drastically changed. The sad part is how suddenly everything is now considerably offensive to where many contents, particularly on Facebook, tends to get censored just because one person is offended at the slightest. It’s satire. Get over it.

Get to know the person personally, not by others

Do I really need to bring this part up? In a high school setup, this is inevitable and not much can be done with it. However, especially as adults, act like one. I cannot tell how how infuriating people refuse to get to know one another just because their best friend doesn’t like one another because he voted for President Trump or because she doesn’t like to parade herself downtown at 2 AM while under the influence of cocaine.

If you really were to know the person around those pitiful trivial things, they may have some significant qualities that you may be missing out.

A significant example I can explain is a now-married couple met because of a party where they were sort of forced to talk to each other at a time. Do note this only occurred because everybody else had a date of some sort whereas those two didn’t. The two at first didn’t like each other because their best friends have said some shady practices they’ve performed. They got together by talking at first, then it eventually led to just going out to the local amusement parks and eating out. And four years later, they’re now married.

Being sassy or a douche isn’t a healthy lifestyle overall

If you believe being a jerk to certain groups of people is okay just because you want to keep your certain friends to look cool, then you’re obviously wrong in general. Mentally, it’s unhealthy overall. This does obviously place a bad name onto you and eventually can lead to both narcissism and cynicism. Over time, you’ll begin to realize your actions and quickly fall into a form of depression or a sign of loneliness.

Avoiding contact isn’t healthy

Human interaction is highly important for just about everyone, even if you suffer from social anxiety like I do. It may seem logical to avoid just about everyone because you fear of negative consequences, but the real damage comes after years, if not, decades. Your ability to communicate with others will eventually diminish even more than a typical person, especially in the workforce, which can also hinder with your careers for the foreseeable future.

Confrontations can become extremely awkward for those who are especially socially anxious, especially in an event of a car crash or a robbery.

Okay, so really why is it healthy?

Basically a TL;DR, being friends with people and actually giving them a chance yourself can flourish only so many benefits. For all you know, that person could be your lifetime partner, your new fishing buddy, a gal you can potentially have brunch with, or even a person you can start a business with. The possibilities are endless and it’s too bad that in such an era where communication is possibly at its peak, we as humans are intentionally avoiding contact of each other or not even attempting to give chances just because some person doesn’t like you for being an artist or an athletic goat.

You’re missing out. Make a friend. Take a chance. You only got one life, and this is your only shot. It can make a difference in your life.

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