Social Media is Getting Irrelevant

For the past several years, it seems that getting yourself out to the world, especially if you’re an artist of any sort, an entrepreneur, a model, or a combination of, has been and will be getting more difficult to advertise yourself and/or asset on. With social mediums and outlets getting far more political, topics relating to the aforementioned become obsolete, and thus, damaging your potential.


The topic came up when some friends and I were in the works of starting an affiliation type of business. Not surprisingly, advertising is much needed, but not in such a way where it’s viewed as a quick cash grab or some shameful-looking scam. A prime example of online marketing via social is the infamous photo-blogging medium, Instagram. Although it primarily houses a bunch of food porn, adventures, and everything in between, a lot of entrepreneurs and companies in the past have utilized Instagram as a tactic to showcase their products, assets, and/or themselves. However, with Instagram’s new strange algorithm, your posts will remain obsolete, regardless of your followers count.


For the past few years, after Rep. Donald Trump was elected as the President of the United States in 2016, Facebook has been a haven for political news of all sorts. Despite being claimed as an unbiased source, it tends to veer to the left, as do a good chunk of the users as well. Coincidentally (or not), false news of both political wings saw the day of light and has essentially become the very core of what keeps Facebook interesting, according to those who utilize the medium religiously. At the same time, it’s practically allowing an individual to become offended by a literal multitude of topics, despite coming from a generation that watches Family Guy and South Park on a daily basis.

So it begs to differ; what the fuck?

So Instagram and Facebook are bad, what about Twitter?

If you’re like myself and start Twitter from absolute scratch, the chances of yourself obtaining followers is nearly impossible, unless your duty is to literally create shit Twitter accounts posting five to ten dead memes, getting clout, and abandoning the account. This falls in the Black Twitter category, in which we all know is notorious for starting controversies.

The Verdict

From personal experiences, because I generally am viewed negatively because I either keep to myself and be who I am, or for the mere fact that I’m realistic about just about everything, people would tend to account it as an offense. You cannot say a single thing without offending someone somehow along the lines. I cannot tell you how much of a cancer haven the internet has become lately. More entrepreneurs starting from scratch, especially when situated in a region of pure hatred and a rather cynic behavior, all I can say is good luck.

And that about wraps up my summary.

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