Here’s why I think Gays are Generally Terrible People

In recent years, the LGBTQ+ Community in the US has been gaining many hopes as laws and rights have been passed. This is greatly something that they should’ve had for quite awhile ago, and this goes out to the older folks who would solely agree with this 100%.

However, as a person who is a homosexual, many of the gays and bisexuals have been plaguing heterosexuals to an extent to where homophobia would be thrown out. Not to mention, some will avoid the stereotypes, others will literally be the cliche. Here is a few topics I want to cover.

“Internalize Homophobia” is a sorry ass excuse to call out a gay person

This phrase in itself is one of the most bizarre phrases and/or insults to throw onto another gay person, particularly those of the masculine type or the kinds that don’t advertise their sexuality. Based on a description from, “In its most general definition, internalized homophobia is a self-loathing of someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans and does not want to be. But there are many more subtle ways that this plays out in our community.” A lot of times, guys who are more into the outdoors, hunting, pro-guns, generally Republican or Libertarian, or straight up is easily confused as a heterosexual to the point where girls hit on them, are called out with the internalized homophobia card.

I solely agree if the individual himself literally self-loathes, it is applicable. However, from what’s seen in virtually all of social mediums, many gays will throw this excuse just as a sorry excuse. Like dude, just because one is a Republican , is Pro-Gun, doesn’t do drag, refuses to partake in gay bars, etcetera does NOT mean they’re an internalized homophobe. Learn when to use the fucking phrase correctly.

Many obsessive gays will consistently hit on heterosexual males

This is personally one of the most infuriating things a straight male (particularly white) could face. I have far more straight friends than gays for this very reason. They can’t seem to take no for an answer and will literally do anything from texting consistently to sending unsolicited unmentionables. Need I explain more?

The best thing a straight guy can do is simply tell him, “No man, I’m straight.” then leave it at that. If the situation still persists, ignore or block them. As for the obsessive types, you need to refrain yourself from coming onto them even when they reject you. It won’t change and it never will.

This is also largely one of the biggest reasons why many gays will do anything to make things newsworthy. Hell, even I would throw fists if they played funny with me too many times.

RuPaul is NOT for every gay men

Not going to lie, I’ve been out since Mid-2016 and recently learned who RuPaul was a few weeks ago. RuPaul is an American Drag Queen, as stated if you literally Google it, who has been solely worshipped by the LGBTQ+ Community, and there’s no issue with that. My problem is that certain gays will get rather triggered if you don’t know who RuPaul is or if they make a RuPaul references and the other gay person doesn’t seem to get it.

As for the straight people I tend to get along much more easily, no we don’t always view him as a role model, though RuPaul is an important model to the LGBTQ+ Community across the US, and perhaps the globe. Such an amazing singer, actor, and actually pulls off the Drag Scene quite well.

Open Relationships and Polygamy is STILL not Okay

Where do I even begin with this topic? With straight people, open relationships are almost entirely frowned upon and would easily be classified as cheating. This is something I also can agree with. What I don’t understand is the unforgiving hype about open relationships and how accepting it is with the gays. Yea, it makes total sense that the LGBTQ+ Community is a fun loving community, but I personally didn’t think it would escalate to that level. And for what purpose does this accomplish?

Absolutely nothing.

Gays are far worse than Girls when it comes to Drama

Including myself, the gays are notorious for blasting someone on the internet, defaming someone, threatening, bitching, whining, moaning, and even fighting someone because of some pitiful shit ranging anywhere from being rejected to Trump’s Presidency. For unknown reasons, it seems to be in the blood of the gays, though there’s obviously no science behind it, but rather the fact that gays are generally more emotional individuals.

The gays are generally viewed as a nuisance when it comes to politics, as they tend to over-saturate social mediums with literally the same story from hundreds of false sources. This is for both CNN and Fox News. In addition, there are a few LGBTQ+ based blogs that basically throw in more false news than CNN & Fox News combined, times six. Some examples claim that Trump has allowed authorities to assault homosexuals, when in reality, President Trump has literally no power to do so, as Checks & Balances are a thing. President Trump ironically supports the LGBTQ+ Community (as opposed to Hillary on her first presidential run and beforehand), however, he knows it is absolutely unnecessary to parade his support. If anyone is totally against it, it would be VP Mike Pence.

Being Gay in the Military isn’t Any Different

By far, this is one of the most annoying things a gay individual could ask someone who’s in the military that’s also gay. I also can apply to this, as I am currently enlisted in the United States Army Reserves (USAR). Quite frankly, there is absolutely no difference between a straight, gay and lesbian in the Military of any branch (Mariners, I know y’all are gay, but let me get to the point).

A running joke that circulates in the military is that some military personnel tend to get married rather too soon, mostly for the married couple benefits the military offers. No, this does not mean you can rush a relationship.

Did I Miss Something?

If ye got something you feel is deemed worth mentioning, post them in the comments!

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