Emotional Era Continues

For the past few months, word has been mentioned about the resurrection of YouTube videos, a completely reworked system for music production, the photography lineup expanding, and finally a clothing brand. The decision was finalized when the success of the recent rant was said through Facebook and Instagram. Updates to future projects and broadcasts will be available on Snapchat. The investment for this change will cost about $12,000 including products, commissions, and resources.

To explain more into detail, the YouTube videos will mimic the ones previously uploaded on CatatstrophePoint, but will skew more towards a satiric level, as well as adopting a quirky video-editing style. The videos will focus primarily on satire, ranting, and complaining of various products, events, and general social behavior in our current timeline. Gaming videos will also be introduced into the channel. A small but interesting fact about production is the use of thumbnails.

Despite utilizing the Deadbäss bowtie emblem, it will be marketed as “Dead Nation Studios.”

Photography has gone rough for the past few years on Instagram, and will shift away from the official Instagram page and focus more into DeviantArt and the official website, which can be located here. Locally, DJKRos Photography will be available to conduct photoshoots for senior photos, landscape, wedding, cinematic, and dramatic scenes. DJKRos Photography will also receive a minor refresh to its marketing to focus more into an urban lifestyle throughout all of its mediums that it can be viewed on.

For over six years, I have finally entered into the clothing market as Dead Nation. The design language focuses primarily on minimalistic, yet mountainous themes. Dead Nation heavily represents the State of Utah and its Delicate Arches, The Wasatch Range, The Great Salt Lake, and The Temple of the Latter-Day Saints in Downtown Salt Lake City. Although the brand has recently started, it is bound to be viewed as a starter and will progress as time and support comes by.

Welcome to the Return of the Emotional Era

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