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Over the course of five years, debate has been going on whether video blogs should resume, steer a different route, or even just stop altogether. With several months of absolutely nothing, at least twenty audio-visuals, and two video blogs, Dead Nation Studios (previously known as CatastrophePoint from 2011-12), YouTube videos with my face exposed will be jointed with the official YouTube channel. Effective date is undetermined at this time.

Decision of Resurrection

The video blog titled, “How Loss became to be,” which is shown above, was the first video uploaded onto YouTube that features reality in five years. The last video in which I recorded was for a Student Body Officer submission in middle school. Ultimately, because a bet was established (in which I lost), caused me to terminate all future YouTube videos from the CatastrophePoint channel. Since then, YouTube videos from Mid-2012 to Mid-2017 were never created, or even thought of, for that matter.

The decision was finalized after the sudden success of local peers in the Salt Lake City area, which created a motive to get back into the YouTube scene. The other reason being is due to “entitled individuals” suddenly plaguing throughout the internet. Satire and “smartass” remarks were ultimately chosen to be the niche.

Similarities & Differences between Deadbäss & Dead Nation Studios

Although, Dead Nation Studios will simply be a joint in the official YouTube channel, a lot of similarities and differences will take place in the two branches. DJKRos Photography isn’t planned to be mentioned at this time, other than advertising purposes.


  1. Both Deadbäss & Dead Nation Studios will use the Triangular Bowtie emblem as the respective logo.
  2. Overall basic layout of most Dead Nation Studios products will reflect those in the Deadbäss audio-visuals.
  3. The Verlag font will widely be used, though may alter with the Helvetica Neue font.


  1. Dead Nation Studios will have a significantly much more flashy thumbnail to their videos to differ between the two types of videos.
  2. Unlike modern Deadbäss videos, the ones for Dead Nation Studios will typical switch between the Triangular Bowtie & the Shattered Bowtie emblems. Both logos are virtually identical.
  3. The Dead Nation Studios videos will have a simple splash screen on the intro.
  4. Dead Nation Studios videos will contain promotional posters & hopefully sponsorships in the meantime.
  5. Unlike the audio-visuals, the video blogs will push slightly on advertisements, but not to an extent that could be considered a nuisance.

Why not resume CatastrophePoint?

The main reason why CatastrophePoint was not resumed was due to the dead fanbase left in the void for such an over-extended amount of time, trying to revive the channel would be virtually pointless and play as a terrible marketing scheme.

In addition, it makes more sense to utilize the current active channel and extend its horizons. Based on the two videos shown above, it has shown to work, as the video views count & ratings are parallel to typical videos found on the official channel.

- print("welcome to satire")
- end segment

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