The Pausing Entrance

For over who knows how long, there has been little to no activity. This generally occurs when one becomes so caught up with their lives that they no longer can do what they normally would on a general day. It is, however, extremely beneficial for them in the long wrong and there is no other way that could it be better off. With that said, Deadbäss is now part of the United States Army. This was primarily the reason as to why little to no content was made in the past few months.

The other reason is simply due to registry issues with FL Studio and all of its components. That, Massive, and other third-party VST plug-ins have somehow glitched out in such a way where it is currently stated to be inoperable. There are current works to getting everything handled with their respective services and no answer has been given at this time. More will be updated in the meantime.

So Far..

Starting with the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) that was conducted on 1 Mar 2018, this was the official date of enlistment to The United States Army. However, that was only the easy part. 26 Mar 2018 was the day of deployment to Basic Combat Training (BCT), in which took place in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Although, the arrival date was also 26 Mar 2018 (which concludes with reception and processing), the official starting date was not until 2 Apr 2018. Within the first two weeks of BCT, days could literally feel like weeks to months. It became to the point where it was nearly impossible to get by the day, and all that was able to be done was doing cadences and being left in the Front Leaning Rest position.

What can be said, however, is that the experience was quite phenomenal and held a message that cannot entirely be explained other than simply just doing it, because it is some sort of bond with a bunch of random privates and private first classes.


Production has been extremely slow, and with the release of FL Studio 20, the license has been having some difficulties, causing production to slow. Can’t work with a Digital Audio Workspace if it isn’t fully registered, right?

The license error doesn’t end there. Apparently, RedGiant changed their policies on licensing their software, causing the programs (which is used to make visualisers on the audio videos) to not work properly. As far as concerns go, videos may not be uploaded as fast as SoundCloud releases will.

SoundCloud Exclusives

With a strange spike of success on the SoundCloud sector, certain though unnamed releases will be exclusively available on SoundCloud for free. This is after the success of Greed and Prison; both being instrumental releases only. Given, 200 or more listens aren’t exactly a lot in many millennial standards, it’s simply a lot more compared to other releases that only average about ten to thirty.

Producing on a MacBook Pro?

With limited access to the main components, production is forced to be conveyed on the MacBook Pro, which has little power to do everything altogether, considering it is a Mid-2009 model. The benefit to it, however, is the rendering quality.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 19.58.11.png
The FL Studio 20 DEMO on a 15″ MacBook Pro Mid-2009

Sadly, it’s only a demo, but amazingly, the render quality is so smooth. Now to somehow situate the issue with the choppiness…

Products commonly used such as Nexus 2, Sylenth1, and Massive will be placed on a halt, degrading the general projects by a mile. There goes the infamous ElectroHouse Bassline…

Lifestyle Situation

This is a no-brainer; being in The United States Army has changed quite of bit and it’s fairly obvious that’s the case, considering the lack of releases and bursts of YouTube videos.

A PlayStation Bios Corruptions commentary video, similar to the one produced by KillySunt (see video), was originally planned to be released, but due to technical difficulties with the main unit at the time caused the project to be pushed back significantly. The project started as early as August 2017. It’s planned to be mentioned in the end of the video.

Another video was planned to be released on YouTube, as a mere satire about ricers, lifted trucks, individuals flexing on the car their parents purchased (or let them borrow), etc. However, considering the job with M&M Automotive (an aftermarket accessories shop) was terminated, the video was cut short by a mile and is still currently pending production. Friends are currently being sourced to help out.

The 2003 Pontiac Grand Am GT, which was the mascot vehicle, is included, though the vehicle is no longer in ownership.


The YouTube videos generally take place in the bedroom (see video above), which has also been laid out to be a single-position studio. This may change, due to the current financial status with the current home situated in. A new place is currently in search, as well as updates on the results via Snapchat (TheDeadbass).

New accessories involved with video recording will also be purchased over time if funds via Patreon are possible.

Upon Return

Expected return is unknown, but is hopefully by October 2018. The Army can change unpredictably, but is one hell of a joy ride. More shall be updated once more can be witnessed.

But for now, where will the future of Deadbäss lead? Photography? Clothing company? Music? Who knows, but the future shall tell.

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