The Emotional Era

After a weird and awkward dispute with RouteNote, time goes on. In the background, however, life becomes a lot more difficult to deal with. Succeeding the Renaissance Era, comes the Emotional Era.

Due to the aftermath of RouteNote, most of the releases have been removed entirely from the online market and is currently either being rebranded or grouped into an EP of some sort. This coincidentally coincided with YouTube videos randomly disappearing from the channel. Thankfully, it resolved itself on some of them.

Eras in a Nutshell

Unintentionally, eras ended up forming prior to releases and styles. Now, it’s becoming a norm in the current world of production. Starting back in Mid-2013, though, not making any technical releases until the end of the same year, the Technological Era was born. So on forth, more eras naturally formed as time went by.

Technological Era

The Technological Era was the time when experimentation was key, but expanding through all social mediums also part of it. Initially starting on August 1st, 2013, which was when everything started, work for the Technological Era was unorganized and unplanned. First, coming out with Conspiracy. The Internet, along with later releases Cyborg and Modern, all were inspirations from Sophomore year in high school.

The era subsequently ended February 2nd, though, was not officially set at the time.

  • Conspiracy – Free Release
  • The Internet – Obsolete
  • Cyborg w/ Icemaden – Free Release
  • Modern – Obsolete

Discovery Era

Taking a short recess, the Discovery Era began on the beginning of March 2014, no known date was known to my knowledge of remembrance. Anyhow, Daybreak was the first major flagship release, containing many elements used in today’s projects. Three signature structures and styles were formed in Daybreak alone, and as mentioned before, carried on. Afterlight was soon established, but was quickly rushed to be used as a Mother’s Day release.

Along with the end of Sophomore year and the release of Anonymous, the Discovery Era ends. Right afterwards, work for Project Relationships took place. This was June 2nd, 2014.

  • Daybreak – Free Release
  • Afterlight – Obsolete
  • Anonymous w/ Ryzun – Free Release

Relationships Era

The Relationships Era was a dream that became a reality, although, later crushed by Canadian electronic music label, Monstercat. Beforehand, the era began right after the end of the Discovery Era.

Although Monstercat rejected every single release from this era, the adventures went from June 2nd, 2014 to Thanksgiving of the same year. Two genres were introduced into production.

  • Relationships – Obsolete
  • Intelligence w/ Jordan Barrington – Free Release
  • Afterglow – Obsolete
  • Goodnight – Free Release

Loud Era

As the name implies, this era was the moment that mastering became a standard, unintentionally causing the releases to become much more louder and crispier than intended. The noted controversial release, Gone, became the worst release to date, as well as the very last submission to the Monstercat label.

A genre shift commenced, creating what is known as Memories. Originally made for a ROBLOX game that was in development (though failed ultimately), the project was never intended to be a release. Rather, minimal tweaking was made. Shortly after, a satiric release was established, however becoming the backlash of Deadbäss for a mere year.

This era ran from December 2014 to almost the entirety of 2015; unto Halloween.

  • Indigenous – Free Release
  • Vivid w/ David Strofürgaard – Free Release
  • Gone w/ Hijerarche – Free Release
  • Afterglow [VIP Mix] – Obsolete
  • Memories – Obsolete
  • You – Free Release

Renaissance Era (Excluding Instrumentals)

Running from Valentines Day 2017 and planned to terminate on the very beginning of 2018 is the era of change. Purposely excluding the numerous instrumentals, the Renaissance Era eventually wrapped up into an EP, Forget EP, with Project Forget running as the flagship release.

In a nutshell, the Renaissance Era only concluded of an EP release, consisting of six tracks.

  • Alive
  • Forget
  • Over w/ Icemaden
  • Generic
  • Unoriginal
  • Stealth w/ The Untethered

The Emotional Era

From March 2017 onwards, a large amount of instrumentals were produced. As of the establishment of this blog post, four instrumentals can be found on the official YouTube network, with the more “updated” versions found on the SoundCloud network, plus many other upcoming instrumentals.

Unfortunately, no lyrics have been implemented due to the lack of volunteers, talented artists, or anybody in particular are willing to work. It’s expected for Project Trapped, a chill trap release, to be the first instrumental to be completed. Promise cannot be kept, however. Two full albums are planned to be established; the Loss Album and the Insanity Album.

  • Greed w/ Hijerarche – Fastrap
  • Nightfall – Future Trap
  • Loss – Grand House
  • Trapped w/ Jordan Barrington – Fastrap
  • Silence – Dark Trap
  • Prison – Grand House

Planned Instrumentals

Many other projects are either still in production or are planned to be created. Names will not be promised to be the same, since the flow of certain songs tend to change by inspiration. The few exceptional tracks are in bold and will for sure hold their status.

  • Colours – Trance House
  • Insanity – Alternative Drum & Bass
  • Origin – Trance
  • Divide – Fastrap
  • Reality – Electronic
  • Thoughts – Undetermined
  • Savage – Undeterminded

The “Remixix”

Numerous remixes were implemented, though, was never technically released. With the exception of the Afterglow [VIP Mix] from 2015, the world never really got to see it, marking them as a mere “original” release several years later from their original production. Remixix, pronounced as Remix Six, is a compilation of obsolete release (see above).

  • The Internet
  • Modern
  • Afterlife
  • Relationships
  • Afterglow
  • Memories

Cause & Effects

With the Emotional Era, two albums will be released, as mentioned above.

In addition, videos will be developed in 4K Resolution, following a fixed and flatter design. Releases will no longer distribute under RouteNote and will continue through RecordUnion. In the future, a pursuit to start donation pools will commence to any cause (that benefits all), however, no decision on what or which will be done on just yet.

Collaborations and lyricists are all welcome, as all releases in the future will be lyrical.

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