This is Deadbäss

In response to numerous record labels and distributors throughout the world, a change has been finalized after a long debate and corresponding to fans along the way. Unfortunately, due to several mishaps, the vast majority of the content on the official YouTube channel was wiped out and will relaunch onto the mediums when available. This was a mere mistake with one of the managers.

Thankfully, previous projects will be re-uploaded, but with a whole brand new look.

As 2018 approaches, the heritages that have been carried along since 2013 will be dropped and continue forth the style similar to the video above. With that said, several projects will be the last of its kind and will carry on, what is personally called, “orchestrap” and “fastrap.” This is not to confuse fastrap with “fast rapping,” as performed various times by artists such as Busta Rhymes. Fastrap refers to a form of trap that seems to feel faster than what is generally incorporated.

Cosmetic Changes

With 2018’s “changes,” several styles and cues will be altered to become much more fitting, and instead, follow with a more simple design. This will still keep the Verlag font that has been more than widely used since mid-2014 (its first appearance in the “Relationships Era”). A few other varieties of fonts will be implemented as well, however, this is uncertain nor has been finalized.

Digital art covers will feature a much more flat and minimal style. A similar application is in progress with the official website, SoundCloud, and Instagram. The official Twitter account, however, is planned to be a standalone medium used merely as a house of satiric commentaries.

Video Distributions

For the first time in five years, including previous accounts, visualizers on the audio videos will be dropped, but video effects such as particles and an animated logo will still be implemented to create more of a living video. In addition, videos will now be available in the 4K resolution at sixty frames-per-second. As technology advances, so should the quality and resolutions on videos.

Along with audio-videos, video blogs will become much larger of a norm, rendering as a “spin-off” from a former channel that was widely used over five years ago known as CatastrophePoint. This was a channel that housed some of the most bizarre and random moments of life, because living life to the fullest without anyone caring is how life should be. Contents will range anywhere from inconsistent rants to bios corruptions on gaming consoles.

The only exceptions will include the instrumental versions of Greed and Loss, and the upcoming Stealth. For an unknown reason, the three projects, along with a rant video was left untouched, whereas the rest of the content on the official YouTube channel was somehow wiped out.

Online Content

All of the current projects available from Stealth and older worldwide on markets such as Apple Music and Spotify will continue to be for sale and available for streaming. Onwards from Mid-December 2017 will be distributing from another distributor, due to issues occurring to the current one.

Content on SoundCloud will expand with first looks and teasers, along with full-length songs.

A photograph conducted in mid-November in Twin Falls, ID on the southwest side of the US-93 highway bridge.

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