Prepare for 2018

As 2017 somehow passed by faster than runners from Kenya, 2018 is sought to bring something not any one is going to expect. A recent blog was posted about “proposed” releases month by month in 2018. It has become obsolete and will entirely annihilate what was originally planned. Instead, the music industry will lose their marbles once they see the changes. A change that was overlooked upon and always will end up being that way, unfortunately.

For the record labels that have been reject-happy, they have been in constant reject-mode in the past few months because they’re too worried about something. Look at many large artist nowadays. Because of big labels being closed-minded liberals that follow a single string of path, they now see what they were worried about and the CEOs and executes cannot obtain the income they are wanting. Rather, they would instead suck the living souls out of their current artists signed with them and obtain 80-90% of their revenue from online sales, merchandise, and more. This isn’t what the musical industry was made for.

So what’s this about?

The main audience for this lesson is primarily record labels and distributors. However, this is also applicable to those who help youngsters and underground people rise up by accident.

Profits, gain of revenue, and expansions are always nice. Do you ever think that you do so little of a job that the rising artist has absolutely no room to grow? That only places a bad name on you, since you technically hold some sort of responsibility for them. Them being unable to move up in the musical industry also places a dent on the artist’s agreed label and its executives.

This is what electronic label, Monstercat, has done to many of its artists. They initially began as what appeared to be a large group of underground “DAW Scratchers” or “digital audio workspace experimentalists,” based on the quality of their releases within the first three years of its existence. They began expanding genres and already-signed artists were losing position in gaining revenue and expansion, only placing benefits towards the label itself. It became much more noticeable when trap and future bass quickly became recognized as genres on the label.

As a constant reject artist from Monstercat, in a nutshell, they’ve thrived as a successful electronic label, but will so not with  the signed artists.

Preparing for 2018?

2018 is the year of a loud voice and attitude that needs to be amplified for the sheeps to comprehend. With hundreds of rising artists being stuffed underground from labels and record deals, all underground artists are encouraged to push out their best and exceed what’s not in their levels. Be better, by their conceptual standards, be filled with energy, be the artist that was imagined to be! Those “big boys” do not understand the true meaning of what music is all about and it comes in all languages and architectures.

Create social gatherings, make chatrooms and group chats, share ideas and inspire others. Spread the good vibes and cheer on for those who try rather than who have “the it” game strong. Everyone is an artist, and will always get better.


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