2018 Schedule: Possibly Confirmed?

After realizing the inefficiency with numerous instrumentals and “filler” projects being launched in the year of 2017, it’s no surprise that word hasn’t gotten much out. Yet, every single instrumental versions, which include Loss, Greed, Nightfall, and Trapped, have risen in video views and ratings. Loss, alone, is responsible for 10% of total views in the entire YouTube channel.

After the debut of Loss (instrumental) on April 2017, it received the attention like no other project received, with the noted exception of Greed (instrumental) and the original mix of Afterlife.

Planned releases for 2018. Note the instrumentals, other than Trapped, aren’t “due” until Summer 2018.

In the above image, every single release listed, with the exception of Dead Nation, is a work in progress since the day this blog was published. The chart was created over a month ago, and is already subjected to shift the dates of the “VIP” releases, some may even release into 2017, or shift unto 2019.

  1.  Stealth w/ Untethered
    Twas a release previously made on Edges in 2016, but revisions are taking place, making the song nearly nonidentical. The song was originally named ‘Untethered,’ but the name didn’t seem to fit so well with any sort of real-life story line. The name came about how well sneaky people can be, even if it’s your closest friend. Sometimes, you can’t just deal with these snakes.
  2. Modern (Update) – [VIP Mix]
    Modern was originally a release that debuted on January 2014, making it the fourth release (third in terms of online markets) and the last of the “technological” series. Modern was focused on the modern days where the new technology is rather invasive and intrudes with our privacy.
  3. The Internet (Revamped) – [VIP Mix]
    It all started when distributing our music was so much easier through the internet. Yes, indeed. We entrust the internet to distribute our content, thoughts, opinions, rants, and even products. Originally making its debut on December 2013, it was the first official release (both in the market and of the “technological” series), as well as the second release on the YouTube channel.
  4. Relationships – [VIP Mix]
    Making its debut through YouTube on September 2014, but not in any online markets until November 2014, Relationships was one of the “game changer” releases. It’s was also the last project attempted to be submitted to the Monstercat label.
  5. Dead Nation
    As weird as it was mentioned before, this is the only song that’s never really been in production yet. In irony, it was a concept dated clear back in 2013. The song’s original meaning mimics the death toll being placed in our millennial, mass shootings, arguments, political debates, greed, and what not.
  6. Colours
    The very first project to be based on the LGBT+ community. As the name depicts it, Colours is meant to briefly show the stressful adventures one must encounter and eventually overcome. The worst being: coming out of the closet, especially to their parental figures.
  7. Silence
    Another LGBT+ project, to depict the ignorance of those who have taken over them. This is more or less aimed towards the gay community itself, placing further segregation when one says “we gays” or “my (gay) people.” Such an ignorant way to explain yourself or any homosexual being.
  8. Trapped w/ Jordan Barrington
    Originally a concept clear back in mid-2014, Trapped is based on feelings you have for one another, but is undoubtedly buried with obstacles and rejection. Dedicated to two friends, they are both the entire reason for this motive: a drive that keeps on revolving, trapped in some sort of trance. Trapped was also the original name for Insanity (see below).
  9. Insanity
    Also, an original concept in mid-2014 (when it was originally named Trapped), Insanity carries a characteristic that no other can handle. A characteristic, only understood by the highly intelligible. It’s planned to be the first of the “simply boring” series.
  10. Origin
    Continuing the story of the Indigenous in 2014, it’s origin (pun intended) comes from the ones who have started it all. No, it’s not a reference to Darude – Sandstorm. It’s the second of the “simply boring” series.
  11. Divide
    As human beings, we have a natural tendency of placing a “fine line” between each other so everything stays “controlled and in order.” Wrong. This divisional concept is only what’s causing everyone to establish more stereotypes as time goes by, creating violence, hatred, and political arguments. The human race, though has no natural ability other than to think consciously, are not ability to fulfill the ambition and dreams we have set in our minds (terrorism and such act are not being condoned). It is the last of the “simply boring” series.
  12. Loss
    By now, it is recognized as the flagship project. Loss began production in September 2016, in response to a former friend who spoke out against the LGBT+ group, assuming any contact with one who is a homosexual in the male category is automatically making some sort of attempt to get at him. On March 2017, it further escalated into a lawsuit that was attempted to be placed upon for “defamation and harassment.” Altogether, however, Loss is a story that has another story inside of a story. An endless adventure of turn offs and let-goes that have to be made in order for advancement, even if it’s over something as illogical as the concept of homophobia or law and order. They have caused it all and it’s their f###### loss.
  13. Greed w/ Hijerarche
    A project that occurred by accident, Greed mocks the greed that our society is fed with, and will continue to feed on. Originally a response to the “trashy” celebrities on the rise and simply those who think their way is better than anyone else, greed is the reason why social envies continue to be a norm. We unfortunately have to have a better status than others.
  14. Nightfall
    For a friend that passed away in October 2016, Nightfall simply shows to the world that everything can happen in a flash. Make everything count, whether it lasts for another 100 years or it expires tomorrow. You never know what may happen. Take a chance with everything and make it all count.

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