Behind the Scenes: Loss

The instrumental version of Loss was released onto YouTube on May 20th, 2017 at about 13:07 EST. Quickly, questions about how Loss came to be relevant, and so this blog shall become into existence. As many of you know, Loss began work on September 22nd, 2016, due to an event that was not surprising to the local community; homophobia. As time progressed, however, Loss began more relevant to personal experiences that range from a simple disagreement to a threat of having the law step in. More will be described below.


As depicted on the title of the release, Loss was inspired greatly on mishaps and downfalls with former friends and former loved ones (which have unfortunately includes some bits of family). There are three primary contributors, however, their names will remain hidden for the rest of eternity (and the people are aware of who they are).

  1. Homophobia – Former friend was going through some tough times and needed someone to talk to. When the attempt to provide some sort of assistance was made, he essentially blew up and stated that he “felt awkward talking to someone who is bisexual or whatever the fuck.” And this all began just by literally saying “hi, you doing okay bro?”
  2. Lawsuit – The video was originally planned to be uploaded onto YouTube on the end of April 2017. A sneak peak of progress was published onto Snapchat and a former friend decided to take a screenshot of the snap and sent it to one of the many guys the song was constructed for, and he knew about it. He then began declaring to file a lawsuit for “defamation and bashing.” In reality, he did not realize that the citizens of the United States have the right to the second. In addition, as a great example, most famous artists themselves have bashed on each other for decades, and no such case was ever executed.
  3. Betrayed – Like most friendships throughout high school, they tend to split just after graduation. However, for this case, it was a lot more severe. A promise was made, but that promise was broken. The friendship was based off of high school struggles and everything would stay intact, no matter what happens. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and instead, was used for granted. Stated word for word by that former friend, “I’m glad we got to spend time with each other through that mess, but you’re honestly just someone to keep me sane.”

In terms of its sound architecture, it was highly inspired by Porter Robinson‘s World album, specifically one of its tracks, named Fellow Feeling. You can compare the similarities and differences between the two songs.

Time frame – Why so Long?

Loss has, undoubtedly, became the longest project ever developed, in addition to one of the most complex. Loss was initially complete at about Mid-November 2016, but was also planned to be a large EP. However, plans were reversed as problems occur alongside with Greed, and Nightfall. The two recently mentioned and Loss were all planned to have lyrics written and recorded into them. This, however, was never possible at the time being. Loss was also structurally reorganized and revised multiple times, but kept most of its elements in tact.


Within the first hour of the upload, over a hundred views were already made, but has slowed down. Several comments and feedback were made almost immediately, and from time being, many messages were made throughout social mediums, including Twitter (the most inactive of them all). One highlighted comment from Edgy 12 Year Old opened up greatly in the comments section, despite the negative vibe it gave.

The aftermath of Loss also resulted in restructuring and even re-branding Deadbäss throughout all social mediums, including YouTube. For years, Not much was changed in two years, until the debut of the instrumental version of Loss. The re-branding consisted of:

  1. A new Text-Like logo
  2. Website overhaul
  3. Modernized YouTube video thumbnails
  4. New YouTube header (finally)

NEW: YouTube Videos

In addition to the results of Loss, YouTube vlogs and comedy skits will finally be uploaded onto YouTube after five years of absence (see CatastrophePoint‘s Channel). The last video I have ever uploaded doing skits and vlogs was a video of me doing a Student Body Officer president video in my 8th grade year (2012).

Video tutorials on using FL Studio, Adobe Products, and ROBLOX Studio will also be introduced into the channel to further expand and fully explain their features and such. More information will be provided based on the subject of the video.

Results – In a Nutshell

Loss has officially became one of the highest rated videos of all time, as of May 28th, 2017, and has now officially restructured Deadbäss to a whole new level. A wide variety of videos will be released in the next several months or years. The former friends that backstabbed others for their own selfish needs know who they are and are ashamed for their past. What’s done is done and cannot be fixed, the damage will always be there.

Thank you for the adventures.

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