Something Unexpected

Production began since March 16th, 2009 and so far, I haven’t really gotten anywhere, despite the fact my creations are made merely to depict the events and such I experience.

It’s been over a year since I made my last release, You. Granted I’ve been in this hiatus for this long so I shouldn’t really be expecting much at all at this given point, however, the annoying part that’s starting to tick me off slightly (more or less of jealousy) is how easily my friends are becoming successful with their music. Then there’s me in the background, hardly being noticed by one person in the entire planet. I gave up numerous times and now I thought to myself, after finding one of my defunct projects (the one found on the audio above), “I think I’ll follow more towards trends. Terrible and repetitive music seems to be the new ‘it’ thing.”

Something New

It’s already February 3rd, 2017, and the Loss EP is once again being pushed due to limitations of my ability to sing at all. In addition, when I make an attempt to find singers, it fails ultimately because of my schedule. Three songs are getting lyrics written into it so it’s going to be one hell of a challenge.

So far, my medium manager, Gavin Nish, seems to be the only one interested in helping me out, both lyric-wise and marketing-wise. Given, tons of other people were given the opportunity to help out as well, but in the end, they seem to stab me in the back, which then severes our collaboration and ultimately our friendship. Nish, as of February 2017, has given out some ideas to plunder my past releases and create something different, which happens to be an inspiration of one of my songs I recently finished working on with Hijerarche.

The Feeling of being Trapped

The day when I changed my producer name back in August 2013, I honestly though it was the best way to fully restructure myself as a producer, and now to think, I am starting to think that wasn’t my brightest idea. In terms of video views, both DJ Ros and Terrasteamius names have gotten by far more video views than Daybreak & Memories, my most popular releases. It may have been because I created YouTube videos back then, which probably helped me slightly with getting my productions more heard of.

December 29th, 2015, when I switched over to Edges, that was the worst idea I have ever done. Deadbäss was left as a trademark and Edges carried on for over six months, then I subsequently reverted my name due to copyright issues with some band in Korea.

Producers of Utah

At least where I am currently situated at, there’s a massive number of rappers, producers, and singers throughout. They, for the most part, are actually doing successful because when they promote their creations, people actually step in to hear it. Contrary for my position, I share it much more than my friends in comparison through a larger audience, yet, get in return like one hear or two (based on SoundCloud statistics).

My eight year mark is coming up soon and the amount of hype I get for my creations has actually gotten smaller than when I first initially began in 2009.

Don’t get me wrong, I support just about everyone that’s a producer and rapper. But my question is that in return, I got nothing. This is a Utah thing.

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