A Large Controversy

As not much of a shocker anymore, my sexuality has became one of the biggest controversies of my life. The reason being is due to the massive homophobia and oppression taking place in the modern era. I also have ended up finding virtually any topic ever in the existence of this planet seems to shatter with anger and confusion.

One famous topic, which is well known throughout my personal Facebook account, was a former friend of mine decided to bark back at my opinion just because I stated that there should be more vehicles with a standard transmission because there are people out there that want the full thrill of driving a stick shift, rather than rely on the luxury of the automatic or automanual transmission. Very few vehicles are offered in a stick shift, in fact, about less than 5% of vehicles manufactured are a stick shift. Relatively speaking, the only stick shifts I can think of off the topic of my head are the Ford Focus ST’s & RS’s; the Subaru Impreza WRX STi’s of any variants; the Chevrolet Sparks, Sonics, and Cruzes; the Dodge Dart; the “standard exclusive” RAM variants; the Mitsubishi Mirage; the Toyota Corolla (iM), 86, Yaris (iA), and Tacoma; and other vehicles I can’t think of off the top of my head, and those exclude true sports vehicles.

Another controversy was with Colton (whose name shall be censored at this point), whom was responsible for almost permanently destroying my reputation with the friends I currently had. Considering most of his friends were also my friends, his intentions were to end every friendship I had that he’s also associated with. Due to the incident, I have lost almost 300 (literally) friends. In addition, has ended interactions with the fans I already didn’t have (essentially saying my fan base does not exist). Colton and I are in good terms now, however, I am not going to forgive the damage he has done to me, even though it’s mostly just reputation.

2016 Elections

A massive controversial debate between some of my former friends and I were the choices of the candidates we had. The vast majority of my former friends were Pro-Clinton, where I was Pro-Trump. Either way, both candidates were bound to f### up the country to begin with. Clinton wants to start wars with unnecessary nations throughout the world for “human rights,” when really they’re just there to invade for their resources. Trump, has virtually covered every controversial topic an average US Citizen can think of, which in my perspective, I can see he’s onto something. He may either be turning the ball around, or he almost entirely is steering us into the death of the United States of America.

Due to the incident, I’ve probably lost a dozen friends. I wasn’t so sure as to why the candidates determine who my friends are. And this ‘Trump is not my President,’ technically, he is this Saturday so you’re going to have to deal with it if you live in the US. If you cannot handle it, leave.

The Sexuality

About May 31st, 2016 was when I opened out of the closet, the consideration of the debate was with a friend of mine, Isaac, although he wasn’t able to answer until the next morning and he already agreed with my decision to begin with. In a surprising twist, however, almost everyone found it as a news flash, although it quickly caused people to reconsider.

Shortly a few weeks after my high school graduation ceremony, I’ve began to notice an odd pattern happening to my Instagram account, which was my followers AND following count dropping drastically. That indicated to me something must’ve been going around, which eventually became true. Since June 2016 to now, I have lost almost 200 followers from my own class alone. This wasn’t just on Instagram, either. This followed the same way across any social mediums, including Snapchat.

As time went by, people began to grow skeptic of me, even when saying “hi” to them, it causes people to block me. No actual given reason is stated, but it’s been happening. A fairly large list of people are noted on my secret “Avoid” list, most of them correlating to my sexuality choice. Given that being gay has become such a sensitive topic in the State of Utah, the people of today’s millenium need to get over it. If it doesn’t affect you, fine, but don’t go snooping around and spreading bull all over the ground. Any time I make an attempt to just reconnect with an old friend of mine, a repeating pattern would follow to a block button, which in all honesty is extremely popular to use in this state.

The most notable incident was with Colton Saunders, Braden Larsen, and Marco Casillas.


Given the meme started June 2016 and is still (unfortunately) ongoing, the Harambe memes have actually gotten really annoying, more or less being annoying since the initial launch onto the internet. A personal view from my part is that he’s just a damn gorilla. It’s the parents’ fault for not watching their kid fall into the cage. Although, whoever decided it would be funny to spread, “DICKS OUT FOR HARAMBE” really should’ve reconsidered what he just said. If you think about it in retrospect, that’s really disgusting. We are currently one our ninth month masturbating to a gorilla.


No topic can honestly get any worse than the infamous “gender.” Some time ago, Facebook launched an update where it had fifty-two (52) gender choices. Although, when you really read into it, there’s only four; male, female, both, none. In addition, since “gender rights” is becoming a thing, along with the “76 genders,” do we necessarily have to create 76 different restroom variants across all public buildings across the nation? That seems unnecessary, considering some people literally identifies themselves as, “A Transdragon-Orange-Peeled-Sack-Of-Potatoes.”

I remember setting up a local poll in the Salt Lake City Public Library based on the genders topic, it ended up stirring an uproar, especially the feminist types. People merely argue the gender is based on cultural roles and other aspects that surround you. Yes, because having a penis, yet having a cultural role of being a family cook makes you a female…

The topic alone has caused a huge dent into my reputation, along with losing about three dozen friends.


Just about the entire state knows me notoriously for the massive use of Twitter. Because of how ruthless some people are, the use of my Twitter has been almost entirely terminated, especially since I’m on my seventh account, in which is an emergence of my gaming Twitter account, my personal Twitter account, and my professional Twitter account. Apparently, merging the three has entirely canceled out the personal portion. Although the gaming and professional still bare, although, due to my rate of posts, it seems neither have survived as well.

Since about 2009, was when I began to use Twitter, which is longer than any social medium I was associated with, even before YouTube and Facebook. the launch of my Twitter account was before I started producing music, which was about a month before.

The controversy of my use on Twitter, at least between 2010 and 2015 was that I used a bot to automatically ‘k’ someone that breaks the mutual follow and block them in the process. This concept was made because I didn’t believed in second chances. Or to dumb it down, if you unfollow me, I will assume you no longer have interest in me. So you’re no longer able to return. What’s done is done. Although, of course it has caused numerous people by the thousands to dislike me to the point where I am physically unable to use Twitter anymore. One major controversy was with the baseball team at my local high school. The tweet I made was in response to the LDS Church involving their response to the gay marriage (as they of course tried to oppose it within Utah). Weirdly, a guy named Collin Wilson decided it would be funny to make a remark and blurt out, “I wonder what they say about bad music producers?” Weirdly, his tweet got about 200 retweets and 6000 favourites or so (although he deleted the tweet in proof that he’s an innocent man).

Another famous event that took place was with a gal named Milia May. As any other ordinary Utahan would do, she decided to unfollow me because she didn’t know me (how unfortunate she didn’t take the time to know me better). She responded to my automated bot “Who the hell blocks these days that’s so old fashioned.” In irony, she blocks me and them in addition suggests people to do the same to me. I lost about ten (10) followers from that, if I recall.


Considering neither of my Facebook accounts are publicly seen, most of these information are somewhat private, but for the hell of entertainment, the evidence shall be read.

A major event in life was the arranged marriage thing so my cousins could come into the US. Course, the marriage thing would require me to be with them (In paper anyway) for five years, which considerably is way too long, especially at the time they’re going to force me upon doing it. I never agreed to do this but apparently they’re forcing me to because it’s “a family tradition.” Like hell no, I’m not marrying my own cousin, even if it’s fake.

The topic alone was described briefly on Facebook, and the general smartass I never really liked (which I still question myself why I was really friends with him on Facebook), Mason Jensen. His remark was merely, “Good, now we don’t have to hear you complaining about being single.” First off, in my mind, I didn’t understand why he didn’t unfriend me in the first place if he was irritated. Secondly, I don’t understand why his statement was even needed. Thirdly, I didn’t even bother to argue so he got a bunch of bandwagoners to agree with him. His comment no longer exists, for some reason. The comment received about 49 likes, as an indication to either, “he roasted you,” or “he’s not wrong you know.”

In A Nutshell

I am the most controversial person in Utah. This is not everything, either. This is only 1/10 of what I have experienced.

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