The End of Edges

Even though Edges was taken down over seven months ago, most of the assets still existed. However, that is about to change as all of the releases made under the Edges nameplate will be taken down and eventually transferred over the Deadbäss name. More will be posted on it as information is being determined. Project Alive, which appeared to be Edges’ most popular release will be merged onto the Loss EP, as briefly described on here.

The decision to take down Edges was determined on January 7th, 2017, as part of the unity and restructuring (once again) of Deadbäss and all of my other assets, which does include the self-hosted record label, modeling agency, and photographical branches. Despite the fact that finding “Deadbäss” is significantly harder than finding “Edges” on the internet, the emergence will actually cause less of a confusion. In addition to a South Korean band making an attempt to infringe the name.

The Start of Edges

The whole reason why Edges began in the first place was because of a Twitter drama that somehow escalated for something that can easily be overlooked. And this was around the time when I was using an automated bot I programmed to link onto my Twitter account. User, @MiliaMay posted screenshots of my tweet and my profile, which shows that I am blocking her. She then made a rhetorical tweet, mentioning that blocking was old-fashioned and nobody does it anymore, although in irony, she did it anyway. The tweet got almost 20 retweets and dropped my followers count by almost four-thousand.

At the time period, Project Generic (formally known as ‘Premiere’) was complete and was quickly uploaded as a release under Edges. Shortly after, was succeeded by Project Untethered.

Edges was born December 29th, 2015, marking the hiatus of Deadbäss.


As I mentioned before a few paragraphs ago, Alive will simply be merged into the Loss EP. Formal projects Premiere and Untethered will be determined. A debate will be going online sometime latter of the year. 2017 is also marked as the plan to resurrect Deadbäss to relive the highlights of 2014 and early 2015.

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