The Nightfall

Several weeks ago, I lost a friend of mine due to complications of a seizure attack.

Twas the night of October 26th, when this unfortunate event took place. On a side note, the event took place less than half an hour when I was having a conversation with her via SMS messaging. She was such an amazing person to be with, undoubtedly, though, I do wish I knew her more.

Destri Lenhart

She passed away at such a young age with a huge future ahead of her. Her death has left me to realise how life is, it is either only too long or only too short, there is never a “perfect” age to live up to. I don’t understand why things like this occur to the best people you know about, and she was unfortunately one of them in my life.


Her funeral took place that same week on a Saturday, though I was very distressed when I found out my aunt was having complications with her white blood cell count, which has unfortunately rendered to me missing her funeral. I was also unable to post a memory of each other onto her board, which contained quotes, pictures, and other miscellaneous items that represented Destri. The most I was able to do was coach others that were also affected by the event to remember her always and that she’s now with all of us, truly.

Her death has inspired me, a huge impact. A song currently in progress with a buddy and I is being constructed greatly to reflect the events Destri has been through, along with the beauty she has given to us; mentally, physically, and figuratively.

Possible Development

The song is NOT going to be marketed for the money. It is planned to be the very first release available to the general public directly through SoundCloud (or other mediums I can possibly find). Though, it will still be accessible to Spotify and Apple Music subscribers to provide those with it can still download it onto their devices properly.

There is not a set date as to when it will be out.

Missing You

Destri, I really miss you. Wish you were still here to hear all the things I’ve wanted to tell you. Your rest shall be peaceful and eternal.

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