New Rig

For the past few years, I’ve been saving sales for the computer rig I am currently building. The current computer I have still runs fine, but it simply isn’t enough for the things I do, including video rendering. The video rendering really sucks up all of the computer’s energy and it’s unable to render videos properly simply because the computer processor is too small (it’s a single core).

Granted, on my current computer, I can render a five minute video in 1080p in 14 hours, which is much shorter than the server computer I formerly owned (even though it was a quad core).

The New Rig

The new rig was already pre-assembled..or the parts were simply there, for quite some time in my house. My father purchased a motherboard because I fried an older one we owned since 2007. He thought the motherboard I purchased would support the CPU I had, which was an Intel Core i7 2.66 GHz that was an LGA1156 socket. He instead purchased a motherboard that only supported Intel LGA1150 sockets. How much of a genius, I can say.

My brother bought four computer cases for unknown reasons and I picked out the most simple-looking one so people would not take my computer seriously and think it’s just your typical every day computer..until you fire up Adobe After Effects CC and render a 4k video flawlessly or play The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on maximum settings. I also happen to have 16 GBs of RAM sitting in my house that fortunately does fit onto the motherboard my father got. I also purchased some miscellaneous items such as a Lightscribe DVD player (yes I still use those and I’m old-school).

The only things I am focusing on purchasing right now is a hefty video card, an mSATA drive, and of course the computer processor.

I already have 4 TBs of standard SATA drives, but the mSATA is planned to be used for the operating system I’m installing, which has been decided to be Windows 7, but customised to a Vienna-10 hybrid.

Total Cost

In a nutshell, the entire cost of my rig would round up to nearly $3000, making it the most expensive computers I’ve ever built that doesn’t use a Water-Cooling system. All of my water cooling systems have been much smaller, but were more pricy than the one I am currently building.

Effect on Music

My musical career will be on a short hiatus, as I am focusing myself to fully load up all of the content I have, including the famous ElectroHouse Bassline that’s been overused in almost every single one of the songs I’ve ever created since Daybreak. I also found myself to using only three third-party VST plugins; Nexus 2, Massive, and Sylenth1. I am still looking for more, in hopes to bring in more realistic acoustic sounds.


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