Apparently, plans have changed due to the work of Project Loss and a new project I’m currently working on with a friend of mine, though the entire project will not be disclosed as it’s meant to be something rather special. The Remix Five has been entirely discontinued due to the time segment I gave myself to make an attempt to release that many songs in such a short time, just wasn’t going to happen.

So the plan?


The way things will work will be inspired by the way things ran back when I first produced music clear back at the age of nine, in March 16th, 2009. I didn’t have a set schedule, didn’t show demos and teasers, and didn’t really worry much about what was going on.

Demos and Teasers will no longer be uploaded onto my SoundCloud. This is simply because my SoundCloud cannot hold much audio onto the service I currently have, which is a free member. However, sneak peeks will now become a norm on my Snapchat and Instagram stories.

Fund to help promote myself has been terminated, entirely, mainly because I was simply losing revenue at its maximum. I simply could not afford to essentially throw money out to the general public for absolutely no reason. However, I do plan to start doing donation pools to help with researches and movements. The 2016 Campaign does not count as I do not support any candidates.

The Remix Five

I have decided to exterminate the program and focus more on the well-being and quality of every project I will produce from this day forward, the vibes I’ve been getting for “rushing” releases have been the answer as to why nothing has been happening in the past few. The hiatus of 2016 has also played a massive role to my fan base and funds.

The program was set to finish by the end of 2016, which realistically wasn’t going to happen, considering it is already the near end of October and no projects have been released yet.


As I have mentioned a few paragraphs ago, I plan to fully focus on the projects rather than being large, considering things have been done for more than seven years and nothing has really happened, other than a total revenue of $24,000, most which have unfortunately gone to advertisements.

Another focus is simply showing the world what the world is like and can be, which has always been a motive that’s been followed for quite some time. The world is such a large place, filled with nightmares and dreams, whether it’s good or not. All of what the world offers is amazing, give a high five to the Grand Creator.

Other Changes

Other changes taking place includes a possible new logo, which probably will happen since a major shift is currently taking place, especially after returning from the hiatus.

Other changes taking places include the massive website redesign, which hasn’t been established yet, because it will greatly affect the performance of the website, and contrast levels would probably kill you, in addition to the eyesoring “sandbox” print.

Where to find Stuff

I realised nobody has really known me on any of the links I am associated with. So to help out, I am placing them below.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. SoundCloud
  5. Snapchat
  6. YouTube

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