The Suicidal Bet

Previously, an update was informed about the Remix Five and The Three upcoming releases, indicating the new styles and changes being done to what was previously conducted. Because of time being, the Remix Five are planned to be the flagship to my returning interests in producing music. Though, the fan base is virtually nonexistent, work is still planned to take place, as it is merely a lifestyle that cannot be dropped.

Primary V Secondary

Primary work being done is mostly focused on a recent project that’s currently undergoing work, Loss. As it’s stated in the actual project link, the project’s being made simply because of a former friend who allowed his ignorance to take over him and unironically behave as an incompetent human being. Although, the project appears more positive-sounding, it is shifting and low-key explaining his missing feels in his life.

Secondary work being placed are the secondary work, despite the fact I just stated they’re the flagship upon my return. Prior to the Remix Five, those five won’t be released until Loss finishes up.


Of course, on top of all seven releases is my 50-a-week job, which renders me to literally two days being able to produce something. Although, the remix five should not take very long as they’re simply just readjustments and revisions. Whereas Loss, Trapped, and Dead Nation are all work in progress.

Completion of this whole mess is expected roughly Christmas 2016.

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