Remix Five & The Three

As a sudden hiatus took place in attempt for the name change back in December 29th, 2015, I decided it was not best for what’s going on, and that took place at about the end of June 2016. Surprisingly, however, due to the name change, the fanbase remained mostly the same through Deadbäss, but on Edges, it kept jumping between high and low, and there was only three releases so there was not much special to it.

In all aspects, the name change ultimately failed in the end, rendering me to go back to my old current self, which I should’ve remained to begin with. With that being, the “Remix Five” has commenced.

The Five

The Remix Five comprises of five flagship releases, including three new releases that will also take place around the same time period. The remixes mostly consist of retuning, and small restructures. A prime example would be the upcoming Relationships (VIP Release). Speaking of which, the Remix Five consists of the following releases.

  • The Internet (Revamped)
  • Modern (Update)
  • Relationships (VIP Mix)
  • Memories Ft. Ins9ne69
  • You Too

The Three

In addition to the Remix Five, the trio news also will be coming out during the same time period, as a massive comeback from what six months without production gets to. Two releases were announced years ago but never really made it to the public, until now.

  • Loss
  • Trapped Ft. Jordan Barrington
  • Dead Nation


The plan is to be done for the rest of 2016, despite the 50 hours-a-week job I currently have. Seven releases in three months sounds rather challenging, but it’s worth a shot.

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