Review: Laszlo – Home (Ft. Richard Caddock)

Many of you guys know the young Dutch lad, Laszlo, as I have mentioned him various times before. He has recently released a magnificent piece, with Richard Caddock, onto Monstercat. And to be fairly honest, it’s probably the best release I’ve heard in a long time.

The Basics

I didn’t get to hear about the song until about four days after it was already uploaded to YouTube by Monstercat, found here (or below this blog). I was sort of skeptic to even give it a hear due to what releases the cat of monsters have been releasing the past six compilations.

I first gave it a hear, it was quiet an subtle, something I generally like. I gave it more time to listen to. It started to build up slowly and then, BOOM! Caddock yells out, “No I’m not coming home!” I had to give the song a chance to listen to fully, as it was actually music into my ears. I didn’t really pay attention to the lyrics, until a little after I began to repeat it several times. It’s one of those songs that don’t get annoying at all. It’s just amazing.

Message to Laszlo

I would highly doubt Laszlo would even bother to read this, even though I’m a pretty big fan of him. I have to say this to the young lad.

Laszlo, you did a really good job structuring the song, it went so well with the words of Mr. Caddock. How did you guys come up with such a masterpiece? I would like to write more about you guys, but I don’t know you guys much yet.

It doesn’t seem too emotional, but I can’t figure out what to say publicly without being too personal. But it is what it is.

Message to Richard Caddock

I have heard of Caddock’s work for some time, I just like his vocals, I’m not too big of a fan with his beats, specifically, though. Though, I do have a message for him as well.

Richard, god damn, you did so well in placing so much thought into it. What gave you the idea to create the lyrics to it? It’s beautiful and it flows right back into the beat. It’s perfect.

The Reaction of Deadbäss

My reaction after hearing this song, I finally returned back into my normal phase, of what I was from the beginning of being Deadbäss. I’m home, but I’m not coming home. And let’s be fairly honest, I actually did shed a tear a little just hearing it the first time. This is what a song should be. This is their Afterglow.

Rating: 10/10

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