A mature way to respond to fans

This is entirely sarcasm. It’s mainly about two artists that I liked whose attitude towards fans that try to interact with them somehow leads to extremes. Though, it’s as simple as a block on Twitter.

Two artists by the name of Mr. FijiWiji and Direct, both artists of the electronic label Monstercat, have blocked me on Twitter for probably the dumbest reasons ever. You can probably read this now and say, “Who gives a flying f###?” I do, as I tend to reveal the negatives of literally everyone to the earth.

Mr. FijiWiji

Mr. FijiWiji is a progressive house music producer, mostly on the Monstercat label. He knows that he is well respected, talented, and one of the oldest members still active on the label. When it comes to social media, he will generally make dank memes out of virtually any political and rhetorical events, such as the Black and blue or white and gold trend on Feburary 26th, 2015.

On about September, 2015, I finally chose to follow “The Fij” on Twitter. Shortly after, he made a tweet relating to a problem he was encountering, two minutes later to find myself being blocked by him. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Blocking someone for favouriting your tweet is probably the dumbest thing anyone could ever do.

So hearing on to you, find a legitimate reason to block someone.



Direct is more of an experimental/minimalistic artist on the same label as The Fij. Though, he is way less respected compared to The Fij, presumably because of an old release, Parallax. He generally experiments music similarly to how I would, but seems to skew more towards Chillout or Dubsteppy-like beats.

Recently, on November 20th, 2015, I made a tweet about The Fij blocking me, mentioning it to not just Direct, but as well as electro dance producer Soulero and young lad Laszlo. The tweet existed for virtually ten minutes and find myself blocked by Direct. He wasn’t even online or subtweeted me, compared to The Fij.



For future references, please identify a legitimate reason to block one another on Twitter rather than taking it up the ass and block other people because of something so simple and in many cases, irrelevant. We may be fans of you, but deleting one fan out of your life can potentially damage you, even if you have millions of fans with you.

> Deadbäss

5 thoughts on “A mature way to respond to fans

    1. It doesn’t matter he’s a feminine canine, it matters that he’s potentially placing a bad image. Even though deadbass isnt famous, the two shouldnt trash or block him for something stupid as satans lair

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