Note to Self: Music Promotion is well-over Difficult


Jesus Christ, I sound like a complaining little child, but lately, I have been interested in promoting my music online and somehow it is not going well whatsoever. I have read roughly thirty blogs, some from other artists even, and it is not working for me. Even with all of the steps followed. Those steps included..

  • Tweeting infrequently, spaced hourly
  • Interact with fans
  • Having a fairly active website
  • Announce promotions
  • Having free access of music
  • Establishment in online stores such as Spotify or iTunes

All of which I have accommodated, though, it isn’t really getting me anywhere. On top, whenever I decide to promote my music, it ends up being marked as spam, when realistically, I hardly mention about it, even on my own Twitter. I’ve already went through only so much mess, probably worse than some of today’s modern celebrities and famous producers.

Questions I’ve had in mind

I would like all of you to think for a minute as a music producer, singer, etcetera and answer these questions;

  1. Why is it so hard for people to see our potential?
  2. What is it that I need to improve or what I’m doing wrong?
  3. How do people with virtually no talent still make it to the media?
  4. Where and how can I sell my talents?
  5. Why are people so stubborn, narcissistic, and unhelpful to help me reach my goals?

Take that into your perspective and answer that. There are only so many people out there with actual talent who will almost unlikely ever be known for their talents. Yes, some of us may be amateurs, but you know what, nobody’s getting anywhere if people are as stubborn as a bull.

My name is Deadbäss and I officially surrender publicising my work. It’s up to you now.

Just say what you need...

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