What is this?

Relationships is a completed project I have worked on throughout the summer. The beat is basically about relationships towards a loved one, a really good friend, and family. It’s contents are pretty dramatic and general speaks by it’s synthesizers and basslines.

Currently awaiting acceptance/decline from Monstercat Media.
Currently awaiting acceptance/decline from Monstercat Media.

The project was well-thought and restarted many times, starting right after my school time has ended on my Sophomore year, which was 6th of June, 2014. Originally, it was planned as a Hardstyle EDM beat, but it subsequently converted itself into hard electro.

Details on Relationships?

This project was by far the most complex with 15 patterns, 18 controllers, and 11 instruments. The Internet had 18 patterns, 22 controllers, and 15 instruments, although most of the controllers and instruments remained unused. Relationships is also the loudest by a significant level, with the Goodnight EP songs being the second loudest.

One of the worst cases for Project Relationships was rendering the demos and the beat. The demos and the beat took an average of about thirty minutes, taking a significant amount of time contrary to previous projects. Those past projects only took about three minutes to render the entire song.

The bone structures of Relationships
The bone structures of Relationships



Is it any better than Other Projects?

The Relationships project was considered one of the best I have ever created. I have shared it with several of my friends that were experts in music, very few semi-famous music producers, and SoundCloud, basically.

  • “The bass actually hits hard for something created by Deadbäss” ~ Zach L.
  • “I broke my earphones because it hits hard as f###” ~Braxtön K.
  • “Deadbäss’s best song so far” ~Juan D.

As of 18th of August, 2014, I am currently awaiting for a reply back from the Monstercat Media to see if I am retrieving any acceptance or rejection from them. If rejected, the project automatically appears onto YouTube, but will NOT be available for download.



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