The Kidnapping Game

My cousin and I for the past three years have played the Kidnapping Game, a game where two to five guys basically tie each other up, using ONLY gym clothing. The name makes the game sound horrifying but when you do it with your friends, it will probably be the funniest thing you’ve ever done with them. It seems to work only on males considerig females will start up cat fights.. Don’t want to mention my experience.

You’ll probably use one of the four:

  • Long sleeve Compression Shirt
  • 3-7 Gym Shorts (preferably the dazzle kind)
  • Football Jersey
  • Morphsuit

If you don’t know what any if them are, refer to this image.


The Classic

The classic uses three to seven gym shorts, depending on how much you have. Basically, you’re tying up your victim’s neck, hands, and feet just enough for them to not fall off while moving but not strangling them. Your victim has five minutes to somehow get himself out. If he fails, you basically do whatever to him, except murder.

For the classic, my cousin has only put me in a choke lock or simply wrap me up in a plastic wrap on his bed.

The Compression

The compression will require the same amount of shorts AND a long sleeve compression shirt. Short sleeves will not work. Have your victim take his shirt off and wear the compression shirt, but the sleeves are used to tie him up around his arms and chest. You will need to tie his hands and feet. The head will also have one, or multiple shorts if you’d like. Your victim has five minutes to get out, otherwise, do whatever you want to him, again except murder.

My cousin’s friend had both my cousin and I shirtless and face each other, forces is both to wear the compression shirt, and tie it up around us. He makes us wear 30 pairs of shorts on our head, hands, and feet. We were eventually choked out and wrapped onto the flagpole in my cousin’s backyard.

The JerseY

Oddly enough, the jersey is exactly the same as the classic, just have them wear the football jersey. Everything else is the same.

if you do have a compression shirt on you, have the football jersey be worn over the compression shirt. Everything’s the same.

The Morph

You’ll only need the morphsuit, but you can have some gym shorts of you want to. Your victim wears the morphsuit, the sleeves are tied up around their arms and chest. Your victim is automatically in the stage where you can so whatever to him.

if you have some gym shorts, tie one onto his legs and the rest on his head. All of it. This somehow gives the thrill of excitement, don’t ask us how, but it did.

My cousin had me wore his morphsuit, tied me up with 8 gym shorts over my head, and roped me around on his bed.


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